Why MH program?

Why MH program?

The Modern History PhD program is strongly internationally oriented. It offers and requires participation in international scholarships and conferences. It provides an extremely wide range of contacts with leading universities in Europe and the world. An integral part of the studies is the language competence of the graduates, not only at the level of world languages but also at the level of local foreign languages, depending on the territorial orientation of the students.

The research environment of the Charles University and of the Institute of International Studies offers wide access to libraries and research databases as well as other forms of support (such as MS Office subscription, Grammarly subscription, etc.)

Graduates of the program are experts in the field prepared to teach and conduct research on diverse cultural and socioeconomic phenomena from a historical perspective. They are able to analyze social phenomena and processes of various nature and present the results of their work on the basis of relevant theoretical background and using advanced scientific procedures and methods. They fulfil the prerequisites for jobs for which independent thought and creative activity, conceptual work, structured and logical reasoning, and a broad knowledge base are required.

The graduates of the program fulfil the prerequisites for job positions for which independent intellectual creative activity, conceptual workstructured and logical thinking, a broad knowledge base and top knowledge of foreign languages are required. According to available information, they find employment or continue their professional careers mainly in academic institutionspublic administration, and diplomacyinternational and non-profit organizations, in the media and occasionally in the commercial sphere.


The doctoral study program Modern History:

  • is unique in the context of the Czech Republic due to its focus on the history of some regions and relationship issues, that are not in such complexity and so systematic manner subject to research at any other university in the Czech Republic;
  • provides a first-rate, yet challenging education in modern and contemporary history, combining a variety of approaches ranging from traditional political history to historical-anthropological approaches;
  • is internationally focused and provides a wide range of opportunities to study and work professionally around the world;
  • is provided by top experts including regular visiting foreign experts;
  • is carried out at the Institute of International Studies, which is characterized by a friendly and accommodating environment, which also includes social, cultural and sports activities.