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IMS opened its doors for candidates on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 from 11:00 (Master's degree) and 14:00 (Bachelor's degree).

We look forward to seeing you again in January 2020!

Join the Facebook event and watch the news about IMS Open Day.

Programme of the OPEN Day in 2019

Bachelor´s Study Programs (room 1034, time 14:00)

Territorial studies (full-time and distance study)

Czech-German Studies (full-time study)

The introduction of the Czech-German Studies program after the common introduction will take place separately from 2:30 pm in room 1037.

Masters Degree Programs (room 1037, time 11:00)

Territorial Studies (joint presentation of all fields from 11:00, room 1037)

The individual fields will be presented separately from 11:30 am according to the room schedule:

- North American Studies (room 2018)

- Balkan and Central European Studies (room 4018)

- European Studies (room 2081)

- German and Austrian studios (room 3015)

- Russian and Eurasian Studies (room 4018)

- Western European Studies (room 2081)

German and Central European Studies (double degree) (11:30, room 3015)

Doctoral programs and English-language programs - together with Master's programs 11:00, room 1037.