Management and Secretariat


The IMS Director, in coordination with the Dean of the FSV UK, coordinates the creative and educational activities of the Institute and looks after their development and quality. Furthermore, the IMS Director oversees the implementation of the study programmes at the Institute and, in case difficulties arise, he/ she proposes appropriate remedial measures, ensures the Institute's management, and convenes the Institute's plenary session at least once per academic year.

The IMS Secretariat provides a suitable environment for performance of the functions of the Director, Deputy Director, Secretary, Heads of Departments, Study Programme Guarantors and management members and also for other staff entrusted by the Institute's management with various possible tasks. The Secretariat also ensures the smooth running of the Institute's study agenda (especially the curriculum) and research agenda, including individual grants and projects.


The IMS is an advisory body for its Director, and consists of Deputy Directors, the Secretary of the Institute, Heads of the Departments, Guarantors of the PhD study programmes, or more precisely Chairpersons of the PhD Councils of the PhD studies, the Vice-Dean, or more precisely the Vice-Deans of the IMS and Student Self-Government Representatives (SSGR), as well as members of the Board of Directors entrusted with the execution of a particular agenda.

The Deputy Director shall represent the Director in his/ her absence or permanently in the areas to which the Director has appointed him/her by mutual agreement. The Director of the IMS is permanently represented by Deputy Director of Science and Deputy Director of Studies.

The Secretary organizes the IMS management meetings, represents the Director in his / her absence and in the absence of his / her representative and represents the Director permanently in the areas that he/she has appointed by mutual agreement.

The Heads of Departments propose the members of the commissions for the purposes of admission interviews and state final examinations for study programmes, convene meetings of departments, organize their courses so as to allow the smooth running of study programmes.

The Guarantors of the Study Fields are responsible for the concept of the study programme's curriculum which they preside over.