The information on the following page is intended for students of the North American Studies MA specialization.

Studying at the Department of North American Studies is subject to a Study plan that is necessary to follow in order to complete your studies. The details about the study plan can be found in Karolínka but are unfortunately available only in the Czech language. Other important documents including the statutes of the faculty and the Institute of International Area Studies are available on their websites

An important part of the studies at the Department constitutes written assignments that are present in almost all courses. Basic information may be found in a handbook with tips on proper writing. Sources and references are crucial for succeeding in the academic environment. You can find your sources at our library. The most important written assignment of the whole study is the master thesis that allows the students to gain their degrees.

Study abroad

The students of North American Studies have multiple opportunities to spend at least a semester abroad. There they can gain significant academic experience but also make new friends and enjoy traveling in a foreign country. The most famous universities with our students are the ones in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Among the most popular are:

University of New Orleans

University of Washington, Seattle

Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Up-to-date information about the conditions and requirements may be found on the web of the Faculty of Social Sciences in subchapter Study Abroad Opportunities. The Faculty also offers several summer school programs. The current list may be found here

Final exam

Passing the final exam is the last step in earning a master´s degree. As the exam is held in Czech language, we only offer a short description here. The final exam has two parts:

1. Debate

Debate on a topic outside the scope of the thesis (specializing in American Studies) - individual questions are based on given topics and recommended literature.

Official canon for NMTS

Official canon for the specialization American Studies

When answering the questions of the final exam, the student should pay attention not only to the facts but also to the interpretation, their relevance today and the debate that is or was going on about them in the academic community.

2. Thesis defense

The student will present his/her thesis, its goals, methodology, and the most important conclusions. After the presentation, the student shall address comments and questions given to him by professors who evaluated his work.