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  • Field Research in Horní Slavkov

    Academics from the Institute of International Studies of Faculty of Social Sciences in cooperation with their counterparts from Lviv National University of Ukraine did field research in Horní Slavkov. The main interest for the scholars was the Integration of Ukrainian refugee children and minor internally displaced persons in a comparative perspective of the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

  • Roundtable on "Small States and Great Powers"

    On Friday, November 18, a roundtable on "Small States and Great Powers" was held as part of the NAWA Chair Days: Observing Complexity in Turbulent Times project. Among the guests at the roundtable was Adrian Brisku, head of our Research centre for Small nation(-states) within/without empires and unions.

  • Article Hachsharot in Greece, 1945 – 1949: Camps or vocational centers?

    Kateřina Králová, Head of the Memory Studies Research Centre and member of the Department of Russian and East European Studies, published an article Hachsharot in Greece, 1945 - 1949: Camps or vocational centres? in the peer-reviewed journal Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History.

  • Online lecture "The war as a human experience"

    Ukrainian philosopher and journalist Volodymyr Yermolenko will share his reporting experience and philosophical reflections about what happens to Ukraine. November 8 at 6 p.m. online on Youtube.

  • A great grant success - Claims Conference

    Karin Hofmeisterová, a recent graduate of the International Area Studies PhD programme, has been awarded a prestigious Claims Conference grant to fund her teaching.