Life Situations at IMS

Life Situations at IMS

Institute of International Studies of FSV UK guarantees to all students and employees safe and fair study and working environment, free from any discrimination, undue pressure or harassment. The minimum standard is based on the legal framework of the Czech Republic, which is further specified by the internal standards of Charles University (especially the Code of Ethics and Prevention of Sexual Harassment), or the measures of the Faculty of Social Sciences We do our best to offer support beyond this framework.

If any student or employee experiences inappropriate treatment while studying or working at the IMS (including events organised under the auspices of the institute), they can contact members of the IMS management or the IMS Student Ombudsman at any time and they will help them to resolve the situation.

The Student Ombudsman is here to help resolve problems more efficiently and quickly. He acts as an advisor, mediator and facilitator between students, teachers, the management of the individual institutes and the entire faculty. More information about the current ombudsman and how it works can be found here.

Similarly, in a difficult life situation (from the material or psychological point of view), the IMS management is ready to mediate help to students or employees in need within university and non-university institutions (e.g. Carolina Centre, Psychological Counselling Centre of FSV UK, Immediate Psychological Help, emergency accommodation, etc.).

The contact persons for this type of life situations at IMS are Daniela Kolenovska (Head of the Department of Russian and East European Studies, and David Emler (