Studying abroad, focusing on context, endeavoring to critically analyze and independently apply knowledge to specific real-world problems, a good historical background and insight into what is key to us will equip students with practical, analytical and creative skills that can easily be applied to today's job markets.

Alumni meeting

Our Alumni

Our leading graduates are demanded employees in the private sector, including large international companies, government agencies, NGOs and the media.

In more than two decades of its existence, the Department has created a number of successful Alumni who now work at various government offices, media, private sector, but also in international institutions and corporations. You can meet our Alumni at the Institute of International Studies and other think-tanks, various ministries, etc.

Practical tips for Alumni

Good relations with Alumni are the most important feature of development for any academic institution Therefore the Department of North American Studies establishes strong ties with its Alumni.

If you are an Alumni of our Department and you are interested in contacting us and become a part of our Alumni network, have a look at our Facebook page or visit our Facebook group called KAS Alumni that was established specifically for the purposes of connecting Alumni with the Department.

The Department welcomes any activity initiated by the Alumni that may enrich academic or professional life of current students. Are you interested in getting hard working intern? Do you know about a job opportunity suitable for recent graduates? Do you want to participate in events organized by the Department? Contact Dr. Kryštof Kozák at or use Facebook. Your initiative, ideas and suggestion will be very welcome !!!

The Department as well as the Institute of International Studies organizes a yearly meeting of Alumni. If you are not getting invited to these events and you would like to, please, contact Lucie Jůzová.