What are Area studies

Area studies aim to summarize the general issues of political, cultural, historical, economic, legal and social aspects of the development of selected territories. North America, Western Europe, German-speaking countries, Central-Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the post-Soviet space are the main geographic and geopolitical structures that are being researched. Students have the opportunity to come across many disciplines and fields of science from contemporary history, current political and social events, international relations to collective memory and oral history.


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  • Second round of applications: Moderní dějiny and Modern History

    Dear applicants, we would like to inform you about the announcement of an additional round of admissions to the doctoral study programmes Modení dějiny and Modern History. The deadline for applications has been set for 4 September 2022.

  • Навчання в інституті // Study at IMS

    Таким чином ми хочемо запропонувати українським студентам територіальній студій, історії, політології, міжнародних відносин, новітньої історії та інших орієнтованих наук, для Українських студентів які наразі не можуть продовжити навчання у рідному університеті, але можуть навчатися у нас.

  • Study doctoral studies at IMS!

    The Institute of International Studies offers two doctoral programmes - International Area Studies and Modern History. The deadline for applications has been set for 30 April 2022. Apply for study now!

  • Invitation: Virtual open day

    We would like to cordially invite you to the Virtual open day of the study programmes in english, which will take place on Monday 24 January 2022 from 13:00 via the ZOOM platform.

  • Preparatory courses

    Registration for preparatory courses for the Area studies and Czech-German Studies programmes is open. Take the opportunity to take a free course to prepare for your studies at our institute.

  • First Prize for the most Successful Project of the team of PhD Students Studying the Europaeum Specialization

    We are pleased to announce that the YOU.and.EU project, in which our PhD student Anna Simbartlová participated as a member of the prestigious Europaeum PhD Scholars program, won the Europaeum Prize for Best Scholars Project.