The Institute of International Studies (IMS) is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague (FSV UK), which was established in 1990 to respond to the current needs of the society. The IMS was founded in 1994 as the youngest part of the FSV UK. Its current structure is the result of a long-term process characterized, among others, by the deliberate formation of a new field of study "Area Studies." It is also positively influenced by the rising and changing demand of students, i.e. by satisfying the increasingly urgent "social demand" of the missing field of area studies, which is so important for further development in the practice of the Czech foreign and domestic politics.

Graduates of the study fields which are taught at the IMS are characterized by a contextually, regionally and methodologically based knowledge of modern history and of the legal, political, economic and socio-cultural background in those regions which are the contents of the Institute's scientific and pedagogical work. Furthermore, they orientate themselves in the practical consequences of recent historical events and essential contemporary problems and are equipped with basic analytic-interpretive skills. The graduates of these fields find jobs in all types of governmental and non-governmental institutions that focus on the issues of the respective regions, both domestic and foreign, in their historical and contemporary context.