The SIMS is an informal association of elected ISS students whose task is to solve students' problems, i.e. to bridge the imaginary gap between them and the instructors. The representatives of this association have the right to take part in meetings of the Institute's management, where they not only receive information on all IMS events but can also express their views and inform the management about wishes and comments from the students. Another activity of the SIMS is to organize traditional social and educational events (and not only them) for the IMS students. These include, for example, welcome parties, Christmas parties, traditional beer get-togethers with teachers, year competitions, karaoke parties, lectures on current issues, breakfast with a celebrity, informative lectures on Erasmus and other student exchange agreements, or introductory newsletters for students in the first year of their Bachelor's degree studies.

Elections to the SIMS are held at the beginning of each Winter Semester for students of all years. The elected representatives then elect the Chairman of the whole association. The general requirement for candidates is the motivation to change things, the willingness to communicate and help others, the desire to organize. We offer the possibility of self-fulfilment thanks to a wide range of cultural and social events, which the selected “SIMSák” ("SIMS person") can participate in, the possibility to test your own abilities and skills and a pleasant team pulling on the same rope.

The SIMS is a member association of the CU Student Union and of the FSV UK Student Events, where it helps with the implementation of the events for all the FSV UK students.

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