Internationalization for staff


Under the Erasmus+ program, the mobility of educators and staff at Charles University can take place. This type of mobility is carried out on the basis of signed interinstitutional cooperation agreements and includes teaching visits of teaching staff abroad, arrivals of experts from partner schools to UK faculties. A list of agreements signed can be found on the faculty websites

Inter-University Agreements

Most of the Inter-University Agreements that Charles University concludes with foreign partner universities promote the mobility of science-teaching staff, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates. These are short-term (one-to-three-week) research, study and lecture visits, which workers negotiate in advance with their foreign partners.

Other Mobility Opportunities

  • Inter-Governmental Agreements
  • AKTION Czech Republic - Austria
  • The Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (BTHA)
  • Fulbright Scholarship

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