Inter-university agreements for staff

Inter-university agreements

Most of the Inter-University Agreements that Charles University concludes with foreign partner universities promote the mobility of science-teaching staffdoctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates. These are short-term (one-to-three-week) research, study and lecture visits, which workers negotiate in advance with their foreign partners.

Numbers of academic mobility are contractually defined (number of days and people per year), subject to reciprocity and current financial conditions at both universities.

The UK faculty contributes to travel under internal rules, the host university contributes to the accommodation costs (i.e. accommodation and per diems). The level of contributions varies from country to country and is also governed by the university's current financial capacity. In case a foreign university does not have sufficient funds to cover the subsistence costs or can only partially cover them, the scientist must secure an additional source of funding.

A list of Inter-University Agreements and further details can be found on the university's website.

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