Erasmus+ for staff


Under the Erasmus+ program, the mobility of educators and staff at Charles University can take place. This type of mobility is carried out on the basis of signed interinstitutional cooperation agreements and includes teaching visits of teaching staff abroad, arrivals of experts from partner schools to UK faculties. A list of agreements signed can be found on the faculty websites

An applicant for academic mobility must have an employment relationship at Charles University based on an employment contract or an agreement in the form of a DPP or DPČ. He/She is required to carry out the teaching activity on the sending institution, based on his/her contract of employment with the sending institution. The location of the activity is in the EU program country other than the Czech Republic and the employee's country of residence.

The recommended duration of the teaching stay for science and education staff is 5 working days. In justified cases, a shorter stay of at least 2 consecutive working days, excluding travel, may be made. The maximum duration of stay is 2 months.

The science and teaching staff member is required to teach a minimum of 8 teaching hours per week (i.e. 5 working days). The minimum number of teaching hours for mobility in excess of a week is calculated as follows: number of working days x 1.6.

Before leaving, it is necessary to draw up a so-called teaching program, which is approved by both sending and receiving institutions. For the sending institution, this document shall be approved by the Erasmus+ faculty coordinator on the recommendation (signature) of the head of the workplace where the educator is based. On the basis of an approved teaching program, it is possible to issue a Participation Contract bearing a registration number – by faculty and order of mobility. This agreement is concluded at the faculty level between the applicant (the beneficiary) and the Dean of the Faculty (the sending institution). A copy (or second original) of this agreement is sent to the European office at RUK. The applicant may apply to FSV UK's Department of Foreign Relations for an advance payment towards travel allowances.

Under the signed contract, the science-teaching staff member will receive financial support that is the same for all those leaving the Czech Republic under the Erasmus+ program. The level of financial support is fixed by the following differentiation: financial support table. Differentiation determines the amount of maximum financial support per country and then sets different amounts per working day abroad. A non-working day can also be considered a working day if the educator provides evidence of teaching activity on those days.

Days of travel may be added to the subsistence costs on an individual basis, provided that the condition of subsistence under the travel order is met and the request of the educator is approved by the sending faculty. This is an item of voluntary rather than compulsory costs. Otherwise, travel days are only for reimbursement of travel costs.

In addition, each staff member is entitled to reimbursement of a maximum amount of travel costs, based on distance in km. The starting point is the place of the workplace (Prague, Plzeň, Hradec Králové) and the rate applies to both trips (back/forth). For more information regarding travel, visit the university's website.

On return from a teaching stay, the mobility participant is required to submit to the Department of Foreign Relations RUK: a teaching duration certificate signed by the receiving institution containing the Confirmation of Erasmus+ for teaching and a final report. For more details about the necessary documents, visit the university's website.

Erasmus+ IMS coordinator

Bc. Barbora Krempaská, B.A.     tel.: 778 464 796  

Contact person at FSV

Ing. Radek Kovács                      tel.: 222 112 235


Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Since 2015, Erasmus+ has newly promoted exchanges of university science and teaching staff with countries outside Europe, giving priority to mobility towards program countries (i.e. towards Europe). The financial support is made up of several sub-budgets (IPA, ENI, DCI, PI, EDF).

The Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility stays for science and education staff can be carried out over a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 2 months (depending on the contract). The specific duration of each university's stay is governed by a bilateral agreement.

IMS science-teaching staff can currently travel to the following universities under the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program:
University of Tirana

Belarusian State University

Tel Aviv University

National University of Kyiv – Mohyla Academy

University of Montenegro

University of Sarajevo

The amount of financial support for scientific and educational staff is EUR 180 per day (days 1-14); EUR 126 per day (days 15-60).

The housing scholarship is increased by a transport allowance, graduated according to the distance between the home institution and the place of residence abroad.

Travel distance


10–99 km:

20 EUR per applicant

Between 100 a 499 km:      

180 EUR per applicant

Between 500 a 1 999 km:      

275 EUR per applicant

Between 2 000 a 2 999 km:      

360 EUR per applicant

Between 3 000 a 3 999 km:      

530 EUR per applicant

Between 4 000 a 7 999 km:      

820 EUR per applicant

8 000 km and more:      

1 500 EUR per applicant

Erasmus+ IMS coordinator

Bc. Barbora Krempaská, B.A.      tel.: 778 464 796  

Contact person at FSV

Mgr. Eliška Kubjátová                  tel.: 222 112 226