International visiting researchers

International visiting researchers

Institute of International Studies (IMS) welcomes international researchers employed at a university or a research institution overseas for a research stay at the institute. Visiting researchers are granted an institutional affiliation and access to Charles University libraries and the institute’s office space during their stay. Visitors usually are in residence at IMS for 2-12 months.

Visiting researchers are expected to participate in the institute’s research activities, particularly in the research seminar, and interact with the institute staff and PhD students. Affiliation to one of the IMS research groups is possible. Visitors are not required to teach, but IMS lecturers may invite them to give guest lectures in existing courses.

Applications are assessed on a rolling basis. They should contain a full CV, including the list of publications, and a brief research project (2 pages) outlining the programme of the research stay and its link to the IMS. Please, send the applications via email to Dr Tomáš Weiss, IMS Deputy Director for Research.



   Prof Patrick Kupper

    University of Innsbruck



   Zora Piskacova        

    UNC Chapel Hill