IMS offer for high schools

IMS offer for high schools

Watch a video created by IMS students for high school students to learn more about IMS.


Organization of lectures/seminars/workshops

  • Every year, the IMS updates the menu of attractive topics of lectures, seminars, or workshops from the North and Central America, Europe, and Eurasia regions that IMS experts offer to deliver directly to the candidate on school grounds
  • IMS offers to conduct a workshop on a selected international relations topic for high school teachers
  • Each year, the IMS offers high school candidates a list of subjects taught at IMS FSV UK that students can attend directly if they wish
  • Every year, IMS lists SOČ topics with the possibility to consult regularly with a selected IMS expert
  • IMS offers expert consultations for high school students with an interest in international relations

List of topics IMS offers in cooperation with secondary schools

West Europe

  • Contemporary German culture: tendencies, successes and controversies
  • The future course of European integration, and the Czech Republic's place in it
  • Current political developments in Germany
  • Current political developments in Austria
  • European integration and the modern state
  • European foreign and security policy
  • European integration and transatlantic relations
  • Chapters in Britain's modern history
  • Contemporary populism in Europe

United States of America

  • US-China relations
  • Taiwan in US-China Relations
  • The US electoral system and the US presidential election
  • The key problems of American domestic politics
  • "America first?" What does the politics of D. Trump mean for Europe
  • When words make policy: F. Kennedy and R. Reagan in front of the Berlin Wall
  • US internal and external policy
  • The US in the 21st-century world
  • US geopolitics

Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe region


  • The emperor ambitions of contemporary Russia
  • Russia's economy under Putin
  • The authoritarian state and its form
  • Opposition forces in the Russian federation
  • Russia-Ukraine war
  • The role of propaganda in the Russia-Ukraine war
  • Russian and Soviet history, Soviet foreign policy, Czechoslovak-Soviet relations, Soviet foreign policy, and European leftist intellectuals
  • Russian emigration in interwar Czechoslovakia, a project of non-Soviet Belarusian independence 

Post-Soviet region

  • Georgian nationalism, remembering Soviet past and Stalin (in English)
  • Caspian Sea region energy policy
  • Central Asia after 1991

South-Eastern Europe

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina - the epicentre of the future European conflict?
  • The rise of radicalism in the Western Balkans
  • Conflicts in the former Yugoslavia
  • Western Balkans geopolitics
  • Contemporary history and political geography of the countries of the former Yugoslavia
  • World War II and Greece
  • Greek civil war, Greek refugees in the Czech Republic, the Greek junta
  • Greece and the Macedonian Crisis
  • Malaysian disaster and expulsion/replacement of population

Central Europe

  • Roma and Romani
  • Minorities in the Czech Republic in general
  • Development aid and poverty (so-called global education)

If you are interested in other specific topics that are not listed, please contact Ondřej Žíla. We are certainly open to challenges, and within the taught regions (all of Europe, post-Soviet space, North America) we should be able to handle this.

IMS students'representing their institute at high schools

  • IMS (SIMS) students regularly attend their secondary alma mater, where they represent learning opportunities at IMS FSV UK.

Are you a student and interested in events organized by IMS? Click here for a regularly updated list of planned events organized by IMS or in collaboration with IMS.

IMS Preparatory Course

Click here for information on a preparatory course for the university entrance interviews organized directly by IMS staff in faculty areas.

High School Vocational Activity (SOČ)

The Institute of International Studies, FSV UK, offers cooperation under SOČ. (in Czech only)