doc. PhDr. Slavomír Horák, Ph.D.

doc. PhDr. Slavomír Horák, Ph.D.


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Modern history of Central Asia nad the Caucasus
Energy policy in Eurasian area (related to Central Asia and the Caucasus)
Political regimes and political systems in Central Asia and the Caucasus
Conflicts in Eurasia and related areas (incl. Afghanistan)
State- and Nation-building in Central Eurasia
International relations in Greater Central Asia and the Caucasus
Conflict in Afghanistan (with relation to the post-Soviet Area)
De-facto states in Central Asia
National Minorities in the post-Soviet Area
Society and Culture in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Where have all the Natsmen gone? Ethnic minorities in the post-Soviet Area. GAČR, 2022-2024 (participant, 15% share).

Multilevel Orders of Corruption in Central Asia (MOCCA), H2021, 2023-2026 (participant, CUNI team leader)

Mapping and Organizing Research on Dictatorships - Open Access Repository. Erasmus+, 2022-2024 (participant, CUNI team leader).

Analysis of export and investment opportunities of the Czech Republic in Central Asia in the context of the changing transport and infrastructure circumstances in the region). TAČR, 2021-2023 (participant, 20% share, CUNI team leader).

Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia (Central Asian Law). Horizon 2020, 2020-2024 (participant, CUNI team leader).

Central Asia (focus on Turkmenistan), Caucasus, Afghanistan, Iran, post-Soviet Area
internal policy of Central Asian States, state- and nation-building, informal structures, ideology, modern history of Central Asia

Topics: Turkmenistan's internal politics, State- and nation-building in Central Eurasia, Informal structures in Central Asian regimes, Transport in Central Eurasia, National minorities in Central Eurasia, Mountainious Societies in Georgia (esp. Tusheti),

Regions: Central Asia (esp. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), Georgia