doc. PhDr. Michal Smetana, Ph.D.

doc. PhDr. Michal Smetana, Ph.D.


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Michal Smetana is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Director of the Peace Research Center Prague (PRCP), and Head Researcher at the Experimental Lab for International Security Studies (ELISS). Previously, he was a Fulbright Scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Stanford University, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF). His main research interests lie at the intersection of security studies, international relations, and political psychology, with a specific focus on nuclear weapons in world politics, arms control and disarmament, norm contestation, frozen conflicts, and experimental methodology. His articles have been published in International Studies Quarterly, Security Studies, Journal of Conflict Resolution, International Affairs, Journal of Peace Research, International Studies Review, Contemporary Security Policy, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Interactions, Survival, Washington Quarterly, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and many other scholarly and policy journals. He is the author of Nuclear Deviance.

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Political Psychology in International Relations, Nuclear Weapons in World Politics, Crisis Games, Diploma Seminar II+III, Theory and Practice of Academic Work, Methodology for Ph.D. Students

political psychology / nuclear weapons / frozen conflicts / norms and deviance in IR / surveys / experiments

2024– present                  “Peace Research Center Prague II”, University Center of Excellence (UNCE) program, Charles University, project coordinator & senior researcher


2023–present                  “Public Support for Nuclear Arms Control: An Experimental Survey Approach”, 2022 Nuclear Security Grant Program, Stanton Foundation (United States), principal investigator


2022–present                   “Beyond Nuclear Deterrence” (Rethinking Nuclear Deterrence), McArthur Foundation, Harvard University – John F. Kennedy School of Government, researcher & Charles University team leader


2022–present                  “Experimental Lab for International Security Studies (ELISS)”, PRIMUS program, Charles University, principal investigator


2018–2023                    “Peace Research Center Prague”, University Center of Excellence (UNCE), Charles University, project coordinator & researcher


2021–2022                    “Strategic Communication: Lessons from COVID-19”, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, researcher


2019–2020                    “Moral Foundations of International Security: An Experimental Approach”, Fulbright Program, Fulbright-Masaryk Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University, principal investigator


2018–2019                    “Expanding the Study of the Nuclear Taboo: Cross-National and Multi-Dimensional Perspectives”, International Studies Association (ISA), Catalytic Research Grant, principal investigator


2017–2018                    “Cyber-League: Volunteer Capacity Building in Cyber Defense”, National Cyber and Information Security Agency, researcher


2017–2019                    “Protection of Research Organizations in Relation to the State’s Economic Security”, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, researcher


2015–2019                    “Early Warning Indicators of Escalating Frozen Conflicts”, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, researcher


2014–2016                    “Indirect Coercive Strategies: Nuclear Weapons and Tacit Threats in International Crises”, Grant Agency of Charles University (GAUK), principal investigator


2013–2016                    “Global Prohibition Regimes: Theoretical Refinement and Empirical Analysis”, Czech Science Foundation (GACR), researcher

nuclear weapons; political psychology; experimental methods; international norms; stigma and deviance in IR