doc. PhDr. Luboš Švec, CSc.

doc. PhDr. Luboš Švec, CSc.


  • Department of Russian and East European Studies


Telephone: +420 267 224 287

Rooms: No. C317, Jinonice, building C

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7462-9608

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The Price of the Rector of Charles University for the best book  in humanities - 2002

Enlighted personality  – M. K. Čiurlionis Award, Lithuania 2013.

Award for the development of cooperation and the development of historical research and culture between the Republic of Latvia and the Czech Republic -  2016.

Transformation of the Baltic States in the 1990s

National relations and citizenship in the Baltic states

The Baltic states and their integration into the European Union and NATO

The Baltics and Russian aggression for Ukraine.

Czechoslovakia and the Baltic states in the interwar period, GA CAS CR, (investigator), 1996-98 National Movements in Central and Eastern Europe - Research Support Scheme OSI HESP (co-investigator, project leader M. Hroch), 1996-1997 Cultural relations with the Balkan and the Baltic countries - GA CR (co-investigator, project leader L. Řeháček, dr. Gladkovová), 1996-1998 Visegrád: perspectives and limits of Central European cooperation – MFA 2000-2001, co-investigator, ed. project dr. J. Vykoukal History and the present: Latvian historiography and transformation of society - internal grant UK, 2001-2003 Plans for cooperation and democratization in Central Europe: Central European Union, GA CAS CR, (investigator) 2004-2006. GA 409/09/1440 Perestroika, Baltic republics and Czechoslovakia 1988-1991, GA CR (researcher), 2009-2011 Participation in the IMS team: in research. of the plan of FSV UK, Development of Czech society in the EU: challenges and risks, 2007-2011. Participation in the IMS team: Program for the Development of Scientific Areas at Charles University PRVOUK, P17 Sciences of Society, Politics and Media in the Challenges of the Time, FSV UK in Prague. 2012-16; The position of Jonas SLiupas and the state visions at the end of the 19th century, Faculty of History, Vilnius University; Soviet society and the Prague Spring: reflection on the Prague Spring and intervention in Czechoslovakia in Soviet society, GA CR 2020-2023.

History; Nation-building and state-building in East Central and Eastern Europe; crises of parliamentarism and authoritarian regimes; history of the Baltic countries, relations between Soviet center and republics, perestroika, relations between Czech society and Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.