doc. Adrian Brisku, Ph.D.

doc. Adrian Brisku, Ph.D.


  • Department of Russian and East European Studies


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Rooms: No. 226,

ResearchID: E-9719-2018

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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5691-1220

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2020-2022 Lise Meitner Grant, Austrian Science Fund (FWF) 2014-2015 A Twenty Months-long Postdoctoral Grant at Charles University in Prague 2009-2012 Three-Year Postdoctoral Grant, (ERC-funded) at University of Helsinki 2008-2009 Fourth-Year Grant for Doctoral Studies, European University Institute (EUI)

Geographic Areas: Caucasus (Georgia), Balkans (Albania, Kosovo), Central Europe (Czech(Slovak) history) Central Eurasia Zaměření. Interests: Intellectual & Comparative History, Empire, European Identity & Transnational History of Contemporary Europe, Reform, Political (National) Economy, Ethno-political Conflicts, Modern Albanian, Georgian History, History of Modern Caucasus, Nineteenth-century Ottoman, Russian History, Czechoslovak history.