European projects

European projects

In 2018, KRVS academics succeeded in just four EU-funded projects

  • Led by a doc. Vykoukal, dr. Asavei, doc. Kubát, and doc. Králová participates in the FATIGUE (Delayed Transformational Fatigue in Central and Eastern Europe: Responding to the Rise of Illiberalism/Populism) project, which is run by a prominent academic of world stature, Prof Jan Kubik (UCL).


  • We have double representation in the H2020 project right away. Maria Alina Asavei and Jiří Kocián are representing the UK in the POPREBEL project (2018-2021). The project coordinator is Jan Kubík from UCL London. Together they will focus on the theme: "Populism and Popular Culture in Central and South - Eastern Europe: An Ambivalent Relationship?"


  • Michal Kubát and Jiří Kocián, together with Martin Mejstřík from the Department of European Studies, are involved in a project called DEMOS ‘Democratic Efficacy and the Varieties of Populism in Europe’. The project aims to clarify less-studied aspects of populism and devise strategies to counter it.


Many KRVS members participate in scientific activities within the network CENTRAL: Central European Network for Teaching and Research in Academic Liaison.