EGoCE - Evolution of Governance in (Post)Constitutional Europe

EGoCE - Evolution of Governance in (Post)Constitutional Europe

Jean Monnet Module project on European integration

The aim of the EGoCE project is to broaden and deepen the teaching in the field of European integration studies at Charles University. It focuses on the interaction between EU and constitutional law of Central European states and the role that European integration has played and is playing in the constitutional and political transformation of the region. The EGoCE project builds on the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence NIECE and Jean Monnet Chair NIICE projects that were implemented at IMS in 2017-2020.  

EGoCE project activities include courses for students, educational activities targeting groups outside the university environment and research on the Europeanisation of constitutional structures.

Research team


 The project is co-funded from the Erasmus+ Programme.



Project is held from January 2022 – December 2024.