We are planning

We are planning

The SIMS is prepearing many different events not only for the students of IMS, but also graduates and others. We cover large range of activities from parties through sport tournaments to educational lectures. 

Studenti za Hongkong

In addition to the social events organized by SIMS, it is also necessary to comment on contemporary events that affect us. The struggle of students in Hong Kong for democracy is one of them. Let us support our colleagues in their struggle for autonomy and show, that even if we are almost 8000 km away, we believe in similar values. On Wednesday, December 18, we will come to school with symbols of protests in Hong Kong: yellow clothing, umbrellas, masks, drapes, flags, goggles, black clothing… There are no limits to creativity.

We will not disturb teaching, nor protest or strike. Except for the symbols we carry, we will spend our day like everyone else.

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