Mgr. Daniela Kolenovská, Ph.D.

Mgr. Daniela Kolenovská, Ph.D.


  • Department of Russian and East European Studies


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Introduction to Modern history of Russia, Concepts of Russian history

Concepts of Russian history and contemporary Russia; Russian Aid Operation/ Exile from Belarus; Everyday life in Soviet 1960's and 1970's; Soviet and Russian foreign policy; Cold War and USSR in the Third World/Global South

Participation in realized projects: UNCE: The Centre for Research on Collective memory (main researcher J. Vykoukal) GA UK: Travelling to Utopia (main researcher K. Šimová) GA ČR: Europe between America and Eurasia: problems of integration and identity (main researcher prof. J. Křen) GA AV: The Birth of Superpower. History of Soviet Union 1917-1945 (main researcher prof. M. Reiman) GA ČR: Current Landscape of Research into European Contemporary History Today (main researcher prof. J. Pešek) SC FO: Belarusian emigrants in the democratic Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic (main researcher)

Contemporary Russian history and foreign policy; Belorusian exile; Czech-chinesse relations in the context of Soviet policy

Russia, Belarus