Mapping and Organizing Research on Dictatorships - Open Access Repository


Mapping and Organizing Research on Dictatorships - Open Access Repository

This Erasmus+ project aims to a two principal goals

1) The improvement and strengthening of the study of dictatorships worldwide. The project will coordinate a large group of top scholars to develop an Open Access, online encyclopedia to map past and current research on dictatorship and democracy integrating several disciplines and funnel insights from area studies and non-English research traditions into the mainstream.

2) Recommend to the EU foreign policy concerning democracy promotion strategy and tactics. This part of the project will survey and analyze the last decades of EU foreign policy promoting democracy and good governance, identify shortcomings and offer recommendations on insights by both dictatorship experts and area specialists. These recommendations will be presented to relevant EU-policy makers concerning the EU’s most relevant foreign policy vectors.


Research team

  • doc. Slavomír Horák - contributions to the encyclopaedia, leading a field trip to Central Asia, excerpts of foreign, especially Russian and Central Asian literature on the topic, participation in the development of recommendations for the EU, teaching participation in summer schools, organization of a kick-off meeting in Prague, participation in a selection meeting for summer schools
  • prof. PhDr. Michal Kubát, Ph.D. - contributions to the encyclopedia, teaching participation in seminars/workshops
  • mgr. Anna Jordánová - PhD student, participation in summer schools, contributions to encyclopaedias, literature excerpts
  • Oguljamal Yazliyeva - PhD student, active participation in summer schools as a teacher and literature excerpts


 The project is funded from the Erasmus+.



The project runs from November 2021 to October 2024.