Workshop: Towards a Central European doctoral school in modern history

Workshop: Towards a Central European doctoral school in modern history

Ota Konrád is a part of the team organizing a Spring workshop in cooperation with the University of Vienna and the University of Warsaw, which is supported the CENTRAL grant. The workshop is connected to the PhD programme at IMS FSV UK, Modern History.


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Title: Towards a Central European doctoral school in modern history

Date: 21.3.-22.3.2022

Abstract: In recent years, we have noticed that there has been a wide demand in the scholarly community to support further scientific cooperation among Ph.D. students in humanities and social sciences in Central and Eastern Europe. That is why we decided to organize a workshop in modern history to encourage academic exchange between Ph.D. students and senior researchers at CENTRAL partner universities.

The workshop will be based on presentations of ongoing Ph.D. research projects. It will explore topics related to the comparative and transnational history of Europe and history of transformations. There are three main aims of the workshop: (1) to raise the quality of Ph.D. programs in modern history by strengthening the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and skills among Ph.D. students as well as senior researchers in the field; (2) to foster the cooperation between three Central European universities (Charles University in Prague, University of Vienna, and University of Warsaw) and (3) to host a kick-off meeting for the future establishment of a Central European doctoral school in modern history.

The two-day workshop will take place in Prague and joined by three senior researchers and nine Ph.D. students from each partner university. The event is organized by Associate Professor Ota Konrád (Charles University in Prague), Professor Philipp Ther (University of Vienna), and Professor Jerzy Kochanowski (University of Warsaw).