Memory policy in theoretical and practical dimensions

Memory policy in theoretical and practical dimensions

International workshop within the CENTRAL project entitled "Memory Policy in Theoretical and Practical Dimensions. Mass Violence in the Collective Memory of the Peoples of Eastern Europe and the Balkans (1045-2020)" will take place in spring 2022 at the Faculty of Social Sciences of ELTE. The event will provide an opportunity to present research to both senior and junior academics, including PhD students. The workshop is dedicated to the still conflicting potential that collective memory has in many Eastern European and Balkan countries. This is due to the fact that different participants in mass violence - consciously or unconsciously - create different memories depending on their roles in conflicts (heroes, victims, bystanders and criminals). The immediate participants in these events thus create a form of communicative memory by rendering their memories over time. Although subjective, communicative memory plays an important role in the social reflection of events. In the case of national and ethno-religious conflicts, then, memories often conflict with, or even prevent, the reconciliation that is key to dealing with the aftermath of mass violence.

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This project will run in year 2022.