Fast connections to metropolitan areas

Fast connections to metropolitan areas

An economic model of the impact of (new) affordability on the labour market using big data

Rail transport and its development in the Czech Republic is currently entering the next phase towards building high-speed lines. The Czech Republic will see the construction of high-speed lines in the coming years, which will represent a very significant investment for the state budget in terms of volume. It is its efficient allocation and implementation, taking into account future social needs and economic returns, that will increase its resulting utility and lead to the correct use of public funds. Given the wide range of impacts and changes in the construction of high-speed lines, new methods should be used to simulate the potential benefits. This is where social science models, including the use of so-called big data, offer a wide scope for applied research.

The aim of the project is to establish procedures for assessing the intensity of impacts resulting from the changed interconnectivity of metropolitan centres with other centres of different levels (regional and local) and peripheral (border and inner) areas, and to assess the effects of Fast Links on labour markets in the context of the Czech Republic and near abroad.

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This project is funded by TAČR.


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The project runs from April 2018 to December 2021.








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