General Information

General Information

The Master in Area Studies programme (MAS) is a two-year interdisciplinary master’s programme that offers expert knowledge and analytical-synthetic skills focused on the modern history and current developments in Europe, Eurasia, and North America. The programme provides a detailed and systematic understanding of the area’s current challenges. Students have the opportunity to compile their own curriculum to reflect their personal interest, or they may choose one of the following specialised tracks: Globalising U.S. Studies or Transition and Integration Studies.

To accomplish MAS, students must obtain 120 ECTS credits and pass a state exam. The curriculum is composed of seven compulsory courses (60 ECTS credits in total), languages (12 ECTS), elective courses (at least 36 ECTS credits in total), and optional courses (maximum 12 ECTS credits).

The study track, which students may choose by the end of the first semester, requires at least 30 ECTS credits obtained from the elective courses flagged for the specific study track. Besides, students must submit a master’s thesis that falls within the scope of the chosen study track.

A state exam comprises defence of the master’s thesis and academic debate on a selected topic from within the specialisation created throughout the studies (beyond the thesis focus).


Course structure

Compulsory courses




Electives (tracks)

min. 36 ECTS

Optional (from a list)



120 ECTS


As a student of Charles University, you can take advantage of a wide range of student mobility opportunities. The international activities available to you include study periods abroad lasting one semester or a whole academic year, practical placements, summer schools, and research trips abroad. The University is continuously striving to broaden the range of international activities on offer to students.

You can find all information about the student mobility opportunities here.