Czech-German Studies


Czech-German Studies are a binary interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree programme, anchored in the cultural and social sciences, which are offered by Charles University in cooperation with the University of Regensburg. An integral part of the study is a two-semester study abroad stay at the University of Regensburg. A part of the study is also a three-month practice, which can also be done abroad. After finishing this practice, the programme graduates will receive a diploma from both universities (the so-called double degree).

Notices of the academic supervisor of the programme (in Czech only)



Closing Index

Only valid for the CGS!

The closing date is always announced by the academic supervisor of the study field and it must be held before the Final State Examination. If the student wants to have the credit book closed after all the study duties are fulfilled and decides to take the Final State Examination at a later time, they will contact the academic supervisor on their own.

To close the credit book, the following forms and documents are required - all in printed form and electronically:

1) printed copy of all the fulfilled study obligations from the Student Information System (SIS) (UK)

2) printed copy of all the fulfilled study obligations from FlexNow (UR)

3) a completed form with an overview of all the courses divided according to the modules ( document in Word)

   a) For students immatriculated before and in the academic year 2016/2017

   b) For students immatriculated in and after the academic year 2017/2018

4) statement of the learning obligations for the UR needs

   a) For students immatriculated before and in the academic year 2016/2017

   b) For students immatriculated in and after the academic year 2017/2018

5) request for issuing a diploma at the UR

In case you are closing the credit book immediately after your arrival from a study abroad stay, you need to submit a completed Protocol on the fulfillment of the study duties. In case of the compulsory (C) and compulsory elective (CE) courses which are completed within the modules it is necessary to write in codes and credits according to the Course Book (Karolinka). In case of other courses which fall under the category elective (E), it is necessary to add the English and Czech name of the course in addition to the German one. The recognized credit evaluation corresponds to the UR. It is necessary to recalculate the grades based on the conversion table.


The Grade Transfer Table between Universität Regensburg and Charles University



1,0 - 1,49

   A (1)

1,5 - 1,99

   B (1)

2,0 - 2,49

   C (2)

2,5 - 2,99

   D (2) 

3,0 - 3,99    E (3)
4,0    F (4)



The  Final State Examination consists of 4 parts:

  • Defense of the Bachelor's thesis
  • 3x defense of the so called Hausarbeit.

The whole examination takes 45-55 minutes. In each defense, the students will present their work, they will deal with the written reports on the quality of their thesis (in case of the Bachelor's thesis with two, with the so-called Hausarbeit with one) and will answer the commission's questions. The examination always starts with defending the Bachelor's thesis, the order of the other academic work can usually be chosen by the student.
The terms of the  Final State Examinations are governed by the Academic Calendar of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and in each academic year there are three regular exam dates: January, June and September. Deadlines for submitting the completed thesis and the application for the Final State Examination are also set in the Academic Calendar.

  • Bachelor's thesis project (in Czech only)
  • Guidelines for closing the credit books and recognizing the studies at the Universität Regensburg can be found here

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