Actual news about the Erasmus+ Study Stays, International Credit Mobility and Practical Placement you can find at the current IMS Director’s decree here.

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The Erasmus+ program offers students either a study stay at a foreign higher education institution in a program or partner country or a practical internship at a foreign institution or organization in a program or partner country.

Any student of IMS (including non-EU nationals) who is enrolled in a daily or combined study of an accredited bachelor, master or doctoral degree program and remains properly enrolled for study at Charles University throughout the period of study abroad can participate in an Erasmus+ stay.

Under the Erasmus+ program, students can take part in a study abroad repeatedly at each level of their university studies (Bc, Mgr/NMgr, Ph.D.). The maximum duration of a stay within a single study cycle is 12 months, with these 12 months potentially consisting of a study stay, a practical internship and/or a combination of these activities.

Under the signed contract, the student will receive a scholarship that is the same for all students leaving the Czech Republic for an Erasmus+ study or practical internship. The current scholarship amount can be found on the faculty website. For the Erasmus+ Study Stays here and for the Erasmus+ Practical Placements here.

Erasmus+ Study Stays

Students can study in each country participating in the Erasmus+ program (except the Czech Republic), or at institutions with which the IMS has a bilateral agreement.

A list of bilateral agreements can be found on the faculty website.

A study stay can be completed for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 12 months.

The selection procedure takes place on IMS according to predetermined criteria – quality of an applicant (students are selected on the basis of a combination of academic merit, language skills, and academic motivation) and the suitability of a partner university – generally once a year, in about mid-February.

A student can apply up to 3 universities within one selection procedure. Each application must be accompanied by a separate project (letter of motivation).

Specific information about the selection procedure can always be found in the current Decree of the IMS Director.

Erasmus+ coordinator at IMS

Bc. Jiřina Tomečková

Contact person at FSV

Ing. Radek Kovács       

Erasmus+ Practical Internships

Practical Internships are another option for students to go abroad under Erasmus+ program. The priority of the IMS is to facilitate Practical Internships for students in the university workplaces of partner schools and collaborating bodies such as research centers, as well as non-profit organizations, NGOs, foundations, and others. An inter-institutional cooperation agreement must be signed with such partner institutions. On the basis of such agreement, students interested in Practical Internships take part in the selection procedure at home faculties.

Traineeships can be carried out in the following EU member states and non-member states: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Macedonia, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

Candidates can contact institutions with which an inter-institutional agreement has already been reached (a list of which is available on the FSV website), or arrange their own organization in consultation with the curriculum guarantor. Internships cannot be carried out in EU institutions, organisations managing EU programmes and national diplomatic missions of the home country abroad.

Internships of at least 60 days and a maximum of 12 months are possible. The minimum number of hours worked must be 20 hours per week.

Applications for an Erasmus+ Practical Internship are submitted on an ongoing basis.

 vyzvedne podklady pro podpis účastnické smlouvy a po výzvě Evropské kanceláře RUK podepíše účastnickou smlouvu.

Candidates for a Practical Internship must secure a letter of invitation from a selected institution well in advance before applying. The student then sends this letter and supporting documents based on the current decree to FSV UK’s International Office. In the absence of a bilateral agreement with the organization, the coordinator of FSV UK's International Office will conclude the agreement and ensure the registration of such a contract in application. Following the instructions of FSV UK’s International Office student then completes an application for a Practical Internship (including a euro account) in application, prints, signs and secures the signature of the receiving institution. S/He then sends the application to FSV UK’s International Office. The student's application will subsequently be considered by FSV UK's Vice-dean for Foreign Relations. If approved, the Dean of FSV UK will issue the Decree of the Dean of Scholarships. After a call from FSV UK's International Office, a student will collect the paperwork and following a call from the RUK's European Office sign a subscription contract.


Erasmus+ coordinator at IMS

Bc. Jiřina Tomečková                    

Contact person at FSV

Ing. Radek Kovács


Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Since 2015, Erasmus+ has given new support to exchanges of university students with countries outside Europe, giving priority to mobility towards programme countries (i.e. towards Europe). The financial support is made up of several sub-budgets (IPA, ENI, DCI, PI, EDF).

The study stay under Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility can be made over a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 12 months. The specific duration of each university's stay is governed by a bilateral agreement.

The selection procedure takes place at IMS according to predetermined criteria - student quality (students are selected on the basis of a combination of study merit, language skills and academic motivation) and suitability of a partner university - generally twice a year.

Specific information about the selection procedure can always be found in the current Director's Decree.

IMS students can currently apply for the following universities under the Erasmus+ international credit mobility programme:

University of Tirana

Belarusian State University

Tel Aviv University

National University of Kyiv – Mohyla Academy

University of Montenegro

University of Sarajevo

The student scholarship is €700/month.

A transport allowance is added to the student scholarship. Its amount is based on the distance between the home institution and the place of residence abroad.

Travel distance Amount

Between 10 and 99 km:

20 EUR per applicant

Between 100 and 499 km:

180 EUR per applicant

Between 500 and 1 999 km:

275 EUR per applicant

Between 2 000 and 2 999 km:

360 EUR per applicant

Between 3 000 and 3 999 km:

530 EUR per applicant

Between 4 000 and 7 999 km:

820 EUR per applicant

8 000 km and more:

1 500 EUR per applicant


Erasmus+ coordinator at IMS

Bc. Jiřina Tomečková                        

Contact person at FSV

Mgr. Eliška Kubjátová