Doctoral Studies Centre

Doctoral Studies Centre

The basic task of the center is to support doctoral students in the development of their independent research activities and in the fulfillment of their study duties. Furthermore, the centers coordinate administrative activities associated with the operation of doctoral study programs and the involvement of PhD students in scientific and pedagogical activities. They can also advise PhD students on their grant projects.

Every September, a selection procedure is held, and three to four places are opened for full-time students.



Mgr. Ladislav Beneš

Ladislav Beneš is a member of the Department of German and Austrian Studies. His dissertation research, under the supervision of Ondřej Matějka, PhD, focuses on material transfers across the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Specifically, he illustrates them on the relations of Protestant churches in Czechoslovakia and West Germany during the period of normalization. Ladislav is also a partner of the Forschungsverbund SED-Staat der Freien Universität Berlin in researching German victims on the Iron Curtain.

Mgr. Eliška Ullrichová

Eliška is a fourth-year PhD student at the Department of European Studies. In her PhD research, Eliška on agenda-setting in the EU foreign policy. In 2018-2021 she was a junior researcher in the project Horizon 2020: Using science for/in diplomacy for addressing global challenges (S4D4C), and in 2019-2021 she held the SYLFF fellowship. In 2020, she was at the two-month research stay at the University of Padua under the leadership of professor Paolo Graziano.

 Mgr. Klára Žaloudková

Klára Žaloudková is a third-year PhD student at the Department of Russian and East European Studies. Her research interests lie in the post-socialist transition of Balkan countries, with a particular focus on the impacts of the transition on the consolidation of democratic values. In her current research, she looks at the issue of governance legitimacy in Bulgaria. Klára is currently pursuing a joint doctoral degree at both Charles University and Groningen University.


Mgr. Anežka Brožová

Anežka Brožová is a third-year Ph.D. student based at the Department of German and Austrian Studies. She focuses on the history of the Hlučín Region in Upper Silesia in the post-war period, emphasizing the history of everyday life. Her research interest includes social history and collective memory in Modern Central Europe. In the Doctoral Studies Centre, Anežka aims to collect primary sources for her research and analyze them. She is also preparing her first academic article. 

Mgr. Johana Kłusek

Johana Kłusek is a member of the Department of European Studies. Her doctoral research focuses on Czechoslovak Anglophilia during World War II and the Third Republic (supervisor: doc. Vít Smetana). In 2017 she received the Edvard Beneš Prize for Best Thesis in Modern History. As a SYLFF fellow she undertook an internship at Humboldt University in Berlin and cooperated on the project „London Moment“ led by Dr. Julia Eichenberg in 2019. Johana has taught a course „History from Below: Past and Present“ at Charles University and Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Currently, she also works as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London (tutor of „Frontiers of History“). A chapter, devoted to post-transformation ideological discourses of Václav Klaus, in a monograph „Where Does the 1989 Dwell? The Absolute Value of the Velvet Revolution“ (Karolinum 2020) represents her latest publication. She regularly comments on British politics for A2larm.

Mgr. Oleksandra Pekáčková Modelska

Alexandra Pekáčková Modelska is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Russian and East European Studies, IMS, FSV and a junior fellow at the VITRI center for research of Violence, Trauma, and Justice. In her Ph.D. research, Alexandra focuses on the Holocaust in Southern Ukraine. Her scholarly interests go beyond the Holocaust studies and include history of antisemitism in Eastern Europe and memory politics.

Mgr. Jakub Šindelář

Jakub Šindelář is a third year Ph.D. student of Modern history. He focuses on the phenomenon of the reception of the World War I through computer games and interconnected paratexts - Let's Play videos. More widely, he focuses on representations of contemporary history of the Western Europe in audio-visual media. Next to his research and pedagogic activity, Jakub Šindelář works on the development of self-organization of Ph.D. students of the FSV UK and also serves as a vice-president of the Czech association of Ph.D. students.