General Information

General Information

History and Area Studies (HAS) is an interdisciplinary three-year Bachelor’s Degree taught fully in English. HAS focuses on the modern history, culture and politics with respect to the Czech Republic in Central European and global context. It combines the education in history and area studies with active training of the Czech language.

In order to accomplish HAS, students must obtain 180 ECTS credits and pass a state exam, which comprises defence of the bachelor's thesis (in English), answering questions on a given topic from the field of Modern History (in English), and debate over the academic text (in Czech). The curriculum is composed of compulsory courses (150 ECTS credits in total), elective courses (at least 12 ECTS credits in total), and optional courses (maximum 18 ECTS credits).

A state exam comprises defence of the bachelor’s thesis (in English), answering questions on a given topic from the field of Modern History (in English), and a debate on a selected Czech academic text relating to topics examined in compulsory courses (in Czech).

Course Structure

Compulsory Courses

150 ECTS

Elective Courses

30–12 ECTS

Optional Courses

0–18 ECTS


180 ECTS



As a student of Charles University, you can take advantage of a wide range of student mobility opportunities. The international activities available to you include study periods abroad lasting one semester or a whole academic year, practical placements, summer schools, and research trips abroad. The University is continuously striving to broaden the range of international activities on offer to students.

You can find all information about the student mobility opportunities here.