International Area Studies PHD Programme


The IAS Ph.D. Programme focuses on the various aspects of the current (since 1990) development of North America and Europe (not primarily the Czech environment) as well as the theoretical and methodological issues of the Area Studies Programme. The programme can be studied both as a full-time and a combined form of study. The student's study obligations and the timetable for their completion are determined by an individual study plan. During the first six semesters of their studies, the students pass the prescribed courses of the full-time study and fulfil other academic obligations in the form of publishing, active participation in international conferences and internships abroad. By the end of the eighth semester at the latest, it is necessary to pass the State Doctoral Examination. The study is completed by defending the dissertation. Students will address their advisors, IMS Secretariat ( and the Academic Supervisor (, in all matters of their studies. Further details are provided in the Rules for the Organization of Doctoral Studies at the Institute of International Studies, FSV UK and other relevant faculty regulations (see below).



The State Doctoral Examination must be completed by the end of the fourth year of study at the latest. The prerequisite for the State Examination is the fulfilment of all the study obligations stipulated by the individual study plan. The basis for the State Doctoral Examination is the project of the dissertation thesis. The State Doctoral Examination consists of two parts. The first part is based directly on the topic of the dissertation thesis. The students will briefly present their work, define their topic, formulate their goals, basic thesis and basic theoretical and methodological starting points. In the interview, they demonstrate their ability to explain individual aspects of their scientific method. The second part examines the students' ability to approach their topic with regard to their broader temporal and factual context and, above all, to reflect it in the context of older and current professional debates on its basic methodological and conceptual problems. For more details on the organization of the State Doctoral Examination, see the links above.


The dissertation has a range of 150 to 250 standard pages of text (ie 1,800 characters per page including spaces), calculated without notes, a list of sources and literature and any attachments. The dissertation is an original scientific work that brings new theoretical or empirical knowledge or new methodological procedures. It is a thematically and methodologically coherent text and is equipped with all formal requirements required by the internal regulations of Charles University and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. The dissertation is published in whole or in several partial studies.