General Information

General Information

The study program is organized in both a full-time and combined form. The study obligations of each student and the timetable for their fulfilment are determined by the individual study plan (ISP). During the first six semesters of their study, the students complete prescribed courses and other academic responsibilities in the form of publishingactive participation in international conferences, and internships abroad. By the end of the eighth semester at the latest, they pass a state doctoral examination.

Details on the organization and content of the studies are governed by the Rules for the Organization of Studies at the Institute of International Studies FSV UK and by other relevant faculty regulations.

In matters of their studies, the students contact primarily their supervisor and, additionally the designated employee of the IMS Secretariat ( or possibly the program's director  (

The students of the program are, according to the topic of their dissertation and its territorial matters, assigned to the individual departments of the Institute of International Studies where they participate in scientific, pedagogical and other activities:

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