Senior Fellows and PhD Supervisors

Senior Fellows and PhD Supervisors

Maria Alina Asavei

Asavei Maria Alina, Ph.D.


Research Interest: Arts & politics, cultural and memory studies, critical political theory, (post) communism, religious revitalization movements, (post)holocaust, Roma communities in the Balkans and Central Europe

Emil Aslan

Aslan Emil, Prof. PhDr, Ph.D. 


Research Interest: Security and asymmetric conflict (civil war and ethnic conflict; small wars; insurgency and counter-insurgency, radicalization), especially in Central Asia and the Caucasus; particularly the ethnography/micro-dynamics of political violence, with emphasis on asymmetric warfare; politics of memory; qualitative methods

Paul Bauer

Bauer Paul, Ph.D.


Research Interest: Cultural and social geography of Europe, the geography of memory and heritage, the geography of science and knowledge

Adrian Brisku

Brisku Adrian, Doc., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Intellectual and comparative history, political (national) economy, ethnopolitical conflicts, modern Albanian, Georgian history, nineteenth-century Ottoman, Russian history, Central Eurasian society, early twentieth-century Czechoslovak history

Magdalena Firtova

Fiřtová Magdalena Ph.D., Ing.


Research Interest: History and economy of Canada, U.S.-Canada relations, the political economy of North America, trans-Atlantic economic relations (EU-Canada)

Slavomír Horák

Horák Slavomír doc. et doc.PhDr, Ph.D.


Research Interest: Central Asia (focus on Turkmenistan), Afghanistan, Iran internal policy of Central Asian States, state- and nation-building, informal structures, ideology, the modern history of Central Asia

Zuzana Kasáková

Kasáková Zuzana PhDr., Ph.D.


Research Interest:  UK politics and historical development (focus on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), devolution, UK-EU relations, EU-Czech relations, European parliament, nationalism in the EU 

Michal Kopeček

Kopeček Michal, PhDr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: History of post-socialism, history of ideas and conceptual history of East-Central Europe 

Kryštof Kozák

Kozák Kryštof, PhDr., Mgr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Czech-U.S. relations, transatlantic cooperation, bilateral relations between U.S. and Mexico, economic integration and globalization, legal and illegal migration in the US and Mexico, drug trafficking in North America, the collective memory of North America.

Kateřina Králová

Králová Kateřina, PhDr., Ph.D., M.A. 


Research Interest: Modern history of Europe with a regional focus on Greece, Central, East and Southeast Europe, WWII and (post)Holocaust studies, post-conflict reconstruction, reconciliation and memory, refugees and historical migration   

Michal Kubát

Kubát Michal, prof. PhDr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Comparative politics (political regimes and party politics), political systems of Central and Eastern Europe and life and work of Giovanni Sartori

Miroslav Kunštát

Kunštát Miroslav, PhDr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Czech-German relations after 1945, Austrian-Czech relations after 1945, Czechoslovakian and Czech foreign policy after 1945, history of religions in the 20th century, current affairs in the German-speaking countries, history of science

Tomáš Nigrin

Nigrin Tomáš, doc. PhDr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: History of Germany after WWII, Berlin crisis, Willy Brandt, development of Germany after 1990, current politics of Germany and Austria, history of railways in Germany and Czechoslovakia

Francis Raška

Raška Francis, doc. PhDr. Mgr., Ph.D. 


Research Interest: U.S. foreign policy, modern history of the U.S.

Lenka Rovná

Rovná Lenka, prof. PhDr., Ph.D. 


Research Interest: British politics, modern history of the UK

Karel Svoboda

Svoboda Karel, Mgr., Ph.D. 


Research Interest: Political economy of the post-Soviet Space, Eurasian integration, Russian politics

Jan Šír

Šír Jan, PhDr., Ph.D. 


Research Interest: Politics and security in the post-soviet area, Ukrainian-Russian relations, modern Turkmenistan, oil and gas in the Caspian sea

Ivo Šlosarčík

Šlosarčík Ivo, prof. JUDr. PhDr., Ph.D. LL.M.


Research Interest: European integration, EU institutions, rule of law in EU, Brexit, the Policy of the Republic of Ireland, comparative constitutional law

Eliška Tomalová

Tomalová Eliška,Mgr., Ph.D. 


Research Interest: Czech-French relations, cultural diplomacy, soft power, cultural policy, national branding 

Jiří Vykoukal

Vykoukal Jiří, doc. PhDr., CSc.


Research Interest: Historiography, concepts of Central Europe, nationality issues, Poland in the Central European context, Central Europe and Russia, Central European development vis a vis energy issue

Tomáš Weiss

Weiss Tomáš, doc. Mgr., M.A., Ph.D. 


Research Interest: EU common foreign and security policy, small states, Europeanisation; securitization, Czech foreign and security policy

Jan Wintr

Wintr Jan, Prof., JUDr., Ph.D., PhDr.


Research Interest: Philosophy of law, constitutional system of the Czech Republic, political philosophy

Mitchell Young

Young Mitchell, M.A., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Knowledge governance and science policies in the EU and the member states