Current PhD Students and their Projects

Current PhD Students and their Projects

Baginová Petra Mina

PhD thesis topic: Protest Movements as a Form of Political Participation in Central and Eastern Europe

Čapinská Barbora

PhD thesis topic: Challenge to Hegemony: A Possibility of a Radical Change? A study of hegemonic repressions against political protests in contemporary liberal democracies.

Černovská Eliška

PhD thesis topic: Science diplomacy: Waste management in EU member states

Chaloupková Barbora

PhD thesis topic: Alterglobalization on the shores of the Atlantic: a discursive Analysis of Alterglobalization Movements in the USA and Germany

Gurgenidze David

PhD thesis topic: Reading Post-Soviet Georgia´s Political History through Visual Culture

Havelka Vít

PhD thesis topic: Czech Voice in the EU - What Factors Contribute to Unsuccessful Enforcement of Czech Policies?

Hofmeisterová Karin

PhD thesis topic: The Serbian Orthodox Church After 2000: (Conservative Concepts as a Hegemonic Thinking in Serbian Orthodox Church Versus Reforms)

Jakúbek Martin

PhD thesis topic: Language, language policy and identity: Is there a Moldovan language?

Jarošová Berta

PhD thesis topic: Transformation of the role and status of security institutions in the context of new threats in cyberspace

Jędruchów Tomasz Dawid

PhD thesis topic: The politicization of the media in Poland - the process of direct and indirect dependence of the media on politics

Kadlecová Lucie

PhD thesis topic: State Sovereignty in Cyber Space: A Modern Understanding of a Classic Concept

Kleňha Jan

PhD thesis topic: Prediction markets as a solution to the crisis of rationality in American democracy

Kocián Jiří

PhD thesis topic: Transylvanian Regional Identity after 1989 and Its Political Reflection

Krulichová Zuzana

PhD thesis topic: The Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative to the Triangular Relationship China-CEE-EU

Lavengood Zachary Colin

PhD thesis topic: Arctic Partnerships: Geopolitics of the Forming Power Blocs in the Far North

Lukešová Anna

PhD thesis topic: Model of Civic Integration of Immigrants in Europe: The Case of Austria and the Czech Republic

Mehmeti Arban

PhD thesis topic: Cultural Diplomacy between Kosovo and Serbia

Mejstřík Martin

PhD thesis topic: Giovanni Sartori, political science and political system in Italy: theory versus practice

Pisklová Miroslava

PhD thesis topic: PESCO and its implications for transatlantic defence cooperation

Sadecki Andrzej

PhD thesis topic: Centennial Anniversary of "Trianon" - Commemoration Practices and Memory Politics of the Viktor Orbán's Government in Hungary

Smith Rose

PhD thesis topic: Identifying the Role of Museums and its Construction of the Memory of Communism in Post-Communist National Identities

Šafařík Petr

PhD thesis topic: Ernst Junger's Work and Its Reception in Germany after 1990

Yazliyeva Oguljamal

PhD thesis topic: Authoritarian rule and media in Turkmenistan

Zheltova Ekaterina

PhD thesis topic: National belonging, transnational localities and ideologies of language: Discursive practices at the Greek-Albanian borderlands

Žaloudková Klára

PhD thesis topic: Governance Legitimacy in Oligarchized Settings: The Case of Bulgaria