BA Czech-German studies


The aim of the Czech-German Studies is to provide students with qualified contextual (general) and regional (specialist) knowledge and analytic-synthetic (special) skills within the specialization.

Studying in this field requires a compulsory visit to the University of Regensburg in the second or later year of study (a condition for the visit being fulfillment of all the study prerequisites). All Czech and German graduates will receive a double-degree diploma on the basis of which they will be entitled to use the Bc. and BA. degrees according to the relevant national legislation.


The admission procedure combines a GAP test - General Academic Prerequisites Test and the test itself, each weighing in a total percentile of 0.5. The test itself consists of three integrated parts: German test (level B2), max 30 points, weight in total percentile of 0.14; test of German and Czech-German factual knowledge of the 19th and 20th centuries, max 40 points, weight in the total percentile of 0.18 and a test of German and Czech-German factual knowledge after 1990 (society, politics, economy and culture), max 40 points, weight in total percentile of 0.18.

The academic supervisor of the programme is doc. PhDr. Tomáš Nigrin, Ph.D., to whom you can address all questions. The programme will also be introduced at the Open Doors Day of the Institute of International Studies, FSV UK.


Graduates of the Czech-German Studies programme are professionals with an above average proficiency due to the combination of studies at the excellent facilities of Charles University and a foreign study internship at the excellent Bavarian University in Regensburg. Both universities represent the top in their fields in international comparisons. An obligatory part of the studies is a two semester stay at the University of Regensburg and a professional internship, which can also be performed abroad. Thanks to this programme graduates have excellent professional skills which they can use and apply in German and English in addition to Czech. They have also done a professional internship which will allow them to develop their first work habits and contacts. Consequently, the two Bachelor's degree titles, one from Charles University and the other one from the University of Regensburg, will allow them to carry on studying in the best programmes not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad where about half of CGS graduates go.

CGS graduates do not have the slightest problem with job hunting, in fact, many of them are addressed by employers already during their studies. Thanks to the high-quality background and knowledge of German, which is currently becoming a less common language, as English is prevailing everywhere, graduates are attractive for German and Czech-German firms and companies. Our graduates end up in business, in state administration (e.g. at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Government or Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague) or in the non-governmental or public sector.


1. Double degree

Czech-German Studies is the oldest and largest double degree programme at Charles University. All graduates will have a Bachelor's degree at both Charles University and the University of Regensburg. Thanks to this fact, they can continue to study in the most prestigious programmes of follow-up Master's degree studies in political and social sciences both at home and abroad. Thanks to the German Bachelor's degree, graduates later do not have to pass any additional language examinations in their further studies in the Federal Republic of Germany.

2. Studies in German

English is taken for granted today and even in this programme you will have to complete several courses in English. But our added value is German and a mandatory stay in Regensburg where you can bring your language skills to perfection. As a result, you will be able to work in three languages ​​(Czech, German and English).

3. Lecturers

The programme's lecturers represent the top in their field both in Prague and in Regensburg. A pleasant team of lecturers and students is an added value of the studies. Our student is not only an anonymous "number in the crowd" but a partner for discussion and cooperation.


If you are interested in Germany, German and history, then you are at the right place. We will deepen your knowledge and your interest. You will become a student who will be able to continue studying all over the world. At the same time, you will build your professional career on the experience and knowledge of the Bachelor's degree programme, thanks to knowledge, experience and contacts. When you graduate in our programme, you will not suffer from a lack of good job offers. In addition to Czech-German companies and institutions, you will also receive offers in the state administration, but also in the business sphere. It will only depend on you what will you enjoy more and in which direction will you head after university. In our programme, you do not limit your options, but you create other possibilities for your own study and work development.