Area Studies

Area Studies

Doctoral degree in English language - full-time or combined form

General Information

International Area Studies is a four-year PhD program that is ideal for students who want to explore the current (since 1990) development of North America and Europe and aim to acquire a higher level of academic skills in terms of theoretical, methodological and analytical knowledge.

The students of the program are, according to the topic of their dissertation and its territorial matters, assigned to the individual departments of the Institute of International Studies where they participate in scientific, pedagogical and other activities:

The program can be studied as a full-time or as a combined form of study.

Starting with the academic year 2021/2022, the Institute of International Relations (ÚMV), a departmental research organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, is also cooperating in the implementation of the International Area Studies study program. ÚMV offers training and consulting capacities for doctoral students or participation in internal research seminars.

International Area Studies

  • is a unique study program that you will not find at any university in the Czech Republic;
  • provides a highly demanding multidisciplinary education, combining the approaches of all major social sciences (political science, sociology, modern history, law, economics, etc.);
  • is internationally focused and provides a wide range of opportunities to study and work worldwide;
  • is provided by top experts including regular visiting foreign professors;
  • is carried out at the Institute of International Studies, which is characterized by a friendly and accommodating environment, which also includes social, cultural and sports activities;
  • offers unique territorial coverage.

The IAS PhD graduates have 100% employability on top scientific, state, non-governmental, media and other institutions and organizations, both at home and abroad (EU, NATO, OSCE, UN and others).


Information about admissions available HERE