International Area Studies (IAS)

International Area Studies (IAS)

Doctoral degree in Czech language

General Information

The programme focuses on various aspects of the current (since 1990) development of North America and Europe (not dealing primarily with the Czech environment) as well as on the methodological issues of the Area Studies programme.

The chairman of the departmental board responsible for this programme is  doc. PhDr. Michal Kubát, Ph.D.

Contact: Institute of International Studies, U kříže 8, 158 00 Praha 5, tel. 251 080 308.

The PhD Programme of IAS is presented annually on the Doors Open Day. Doors Open Day is held at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Jinonice (U Kříže 8, Prague 5) and is open  to all those interested in these studies or just in information about the studies. The specific date of the Doors Open Day will be published in advance on the Faculty's and Institute's website.

Academic Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Michal Kubát, PhD., Contact person for administrative matters: PhDr. Lucie Jůzová, Contact person at the Student Services Office of the Faculty: Mgr. Denisa Šmejkalová


The admissions requirement is successfully passing the entrance exam. The entrance exam consists of a interview about the dissertation project which aims to assess the quality of the submitted project and its compliance with the specialized focus of the Institute of International Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. The admissions committee assesses the quality of the project both in terms of its content and form, the candidate's ability to justify the chosen topic, clearly define it and place it in a wider time, factual and research context. The applicant must convincingly prove that the topic is a contribution to the current state of research, i.e. that it brings new empirical and theoretical knowledge or original methodological procedures, etc. The admission committee also takes into consideration the candidate's present lecturing and publication activity. Detailed and up-to-date information on admissions is available on the website


In its scope and focus, the IAS PhD Programme does not have any direct equivalent not only at Charles University, but also throughout the Czech Republic. Graduates of the study programme are able to analyse social phenomena and processes of various types and present the results of their work on the basis of relevant theoretical foundations and using advanced scientific methods and analyses in both independent and team work. They meet the prerequisites for job positions requiring independent thought and creative activity, conceptual work, structured and logical thinking, and a broad knowledge base. They pursue careers as social scientists, university and secondary school teachers, analysts and specialists in state administration, international organizations, and the commercial sphere.

The IAS PhD Programme is strongly internationally oriented. It offers and requires participation in international professional internships and conferences. It provides an extremely wide range of contacts with leading universities in Europe and around the world. An integral part of the studies is the graduate's linguistic competence, not only at the level of the world's languages ​​but also at the level of local foreign languages, depending on the regional orientation of the student. 


  • The IAS PhD Programme is a unique study programme which you will not find at any other university in the Czech Republic.
  • The IAS PhD Programme provides highly demanding multidisciplinary education combining approaches of all the major social science disciplines (political science, sociology, modern history, law, economics, etc.).
  • The IAS PhD Programme is internationally focused and provides a wide range of opportunities to study and work around the world.
  • The IAS PhD Programme is provided by top experts including visiting international experts on a regular basis.
  • The IAS PhD Programme is carried out at an institute which is characterized by a friendly and welcoming environment, which includes various social, cultural and sporting activities.
  • The IAS PhD Programme offers unique area coverage and its graduates become experts on regions whose knowledge is not a matter of course in the Czech Republic and is therefore widely demanded in the labor market.
  • Graduates of the IAS PhD Programme have 100% employability in top scientific, state, non-governmental, media and other institutions and organizations, both at home and abroad (EU, NATO, OSCE, UN, and others).


Graduates of the IAS PhD Programme are mainly employed in the government, diplomacy, non-governmental organizations, the media, the academic sphere, etc. The graduate unemployment rate is zero and they all gain prestigious positions (including leadership positions) in the field which they had studied. Many graduates go work abroad, including the European Union, NATO or UN institutions.