Master in Area Studies

Master in Area Studies

Admission window for study period 2024/2025 – 2025/2026 is now open.

You can apply until August 31 here

For students from visa-seeking countries, we strongly recommend the early-bird term for the application submission: June 30, 2024.

General Information

Master in Area Studies (MAS) is a two-year master's programme that is ideal for students who want to understand today’s world in its complexity. During their studies, they receive an excellent background to analyse the current challenges of Europe, Euroasia, and the US.

  • understand the interplay between politics, society, culture and economy
  • get an additional certificate in The US and Global Affairs or Transition and Integration in Europe study track
  • grasp the Central European point of view on European and US politics
  • share your views and learn from renowned academics, experts and practitioners from the field
  • benefit professionally from our contacts with prestigious universities, think-tanks and international organisations
  • study with talented students from all over the world 
  • combine courses in order to adapt the curriculum to your specific needs and interests and much more!

Don’t miss a unique learning experience and apply for MAS!

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