The Modern History PhD programme targets the international environment, both in its research and its overall concept. The research focuses on modern and contemporary history from the 19th century to the present, especially from a transnational and comparative perspective. Under the guidance of their supervisor, students refine their research topic and write their dissertation. 

At the same time, the study programme offers and requires participation in international internships and conferences and provides a very wide range of contacts with leading universities in Europe and worldwide. The Institute of International Studies therefore creates suitable conditions and provides a wide range of short and long-term mobility opportunities and allows for double supervision of the dissertation, the so-called Cotutelle. The acquisition of language skills by graduates is also an integral part of the studies, not only at the level of world languages but also at the level of local foreign languages in relation to the students' territorial orientation.

The students of the programme are, according to the topic of their dissertation and its territorial matters, assigned to the individual departments of the Institute of International Studies where they participate in scientific, pedagogical and other activities:

They also become members of one of the research groups at IMS.

Graduates of the doctoral programme are qualified to fill positions that require independent intellectual creativity, conceptual work, structured and logical thinking, a broad knowledge base and excellent knowledge of foreign languages. Graduates find employment or continue their professional careers mainly in academic institutions, public administration and diplomacy, international and non-profit organisations, the media and occasionally in the commercial sphere.

Details on the organization and content of the studies are governed by the Rules for the Organization of Studies at the Institute of International Studies FSV UK and by other relevant faculty regulations.