Current PhD Students and their Projects

Current PhD Students and their Projects

Absolvents of the Modern history can be found here.

Beneš Ladislav

PhD thesis topic: Friendship despite the Iron Curtain. Relations and Transfers between the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and the Evangelical Church in Germany in 1948–1989

Brožová Anežka

PhD thesis topic: The Hlučín Region 1945 - 1989: a "Persecuted" Region?

Čeladín Jindřích

PhD thesis topic: The process of the establishment of national Lithuanian historiography in the 19th century

Chrzová Barbora

PhD thesis topic: Delimiting Boundaries: Dynamics of the Politics of Memory in the Republika Srpska

Frommer Kerlová Martina

PhD thesis topic: Erich Heller: Bohemian German-Jewish Intellectual in Anglo-American Exile

Fuksová Kateřina

PhD thesis topic: Republic of Moldova: memory and identity illuminated through a landscape as a theoretical vantage point

Hazir Ediz

PhD thesis topic: The Consequences of Turkish Nationalist Movements on Istanbul’s Roman Catholic Community: From the Young Turk Revolution (1908) to the end of Single-party Period (1950)

Hodovanec Mikuláš

PhD thesis topic: Sovietization of Czechoslovak Diplomatic Service? Preparation of the Czechoslovak Citizens at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations 1952-1989

Homolová Veronika

PhD thesis topic: The role of autonomous regions and international administration under the Versailles system: The Memel/Klajpeda Cases, British Mandate Palestine, Rijeka/Fiume

Iliopoulos Viktoras

PhD thesis topic: State-Nationalism and Identity Construction in the Greek-Albanian, Macedonian Borderland

Jasenčáková Miroslava

PhD thesis topic: Changing the state's approach of children's education

Kłusek Johana

PhD thesis topic: The Image of Britain in the Discourses of Czech Elites between 1938 and 1948

Kochetova Anastasiia

PhD thesis topic: The place and the role of Conservatism in the Beginning of the 20th century: the policy of right-wing parties in Russia and Germany during the revolutionary era

Malínek Tomáš

PhD thesis topic: The Social Democratic Party of Germany and Czechoslovakia 1973-1990

Marcks Jakob Matthias

PhD thesis topic: Czechoslovak Architecture and Urban Design for the Third World: A geopolitical and economic perspective on the Cold War era export of architectural labour from Socialist Europe to postcolonial contexts in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East

Menclová Barbora

PhD thesis topic: Socialist modernization of the Global South: Czechoslovakia in Angola in the years 1976-1983

Pekáčková Modelska Oleksandra

PhD thesis topic: Jewish-Gentile relations during the Holocaust in the south of Ukraine: the case study of Odesa

Střelec Jakub

PhD thesis topic: How to cure the war? The development of psychiatric knowledge and practice in Europe from 1945 to 1968

Šindelář Jakub

PhD thesis topic: Historical narratives and representations in the medium of video games and their reception in Let's Play videos

Špína Vladimír

PhD thesis topic: Memory in Post-Conflict Society and the conflict of national identity: Transformations of unofficial commemorations of the Anglo-Irish and Civil Wars in the Irish State

Vnoučková Kateřina

PhD thesis topic: The impact of the border on life in the border regions of South Moravia and Lower Austia before and after the year 1989