The Modern History PhD Program ranks among the English-language PhD programs taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University which impose following tuition fees:

Annual tuition fees for students are set at 500 EUR.


Charles University full-time doctoral students are awarded monthly doctoral scholarships of 10 500 CZK for the period of the whole 4-year study. The scholarship is tax-free.

The scholarship is increased to 12 500 CZK per month once the state exam is successfully finished.

Students who systematically fulfil their study obligations, that are specified in their individual study plans, are awarded annually special scholarship 300 EUR.

Students are subsequently remunerated according to the current financial capacity of the Institute for the tuition and participation in organizational matters related to the tuition (e.g. for ensuring a smooth course of the entrance examinations, membership in the examination boards). Similarly, they are included in the internal system of awarding remuneration for their publishing activity, with the requirement to report publications to the OBD database (the Charles University register of all publication activities) and to the RIV Register (Information Register of the Results) and their dedication to the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Funding at Charles University

Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS)

This internal program of the Institute of International Studies is supporting its talented and excellent PhD students with the monthly financial support of 12 000 CZK for one academic year. PhD students can apply only after finishing their first year as the support is intended for the completion of the dissertation work or outputs of major grants.

For more information see the website of the Institute: https://ims.fsv.cuni.cz/en/academics/phd-programmes/doctoral-studies-centre.

Charles University Grant Agency (GA UK)

Charles University Grant Agency (GA UK) offers research grants for individual and collective research projects for Master and PhD students of the university. GA UK represents a great opportunity to fund your fieldwork/archive research and travel to conferences. A part of the yearly budget can be also paid in the form of a scholarship to the principal investigator.

For more information see the website of the Rectorate: ​​https://www.cuni.cz/UKEN-756.html

Funding in the Czech Republic

Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR)

The Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR) was established in 1993. It is an independent institution providing grants to fund basic research via projects ranging from 1 to 5 years in duration. The Czech Science Foundation provides funding for research projects which are selected annually on the basis of a public competition. It also finances projects implemented via bilateral and European international programmes. Every year the Foundation receives around 3000 applications for grant funding, of which around a quarter are successful. Charles University has been receiving GAČR funding since 1996; the University currently accounts for almost 20 per cent of all GAČR-funded projects.

For more information see the website of GA ČR: https://gacr.cz/en/

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR)

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic  (TAČR) is a state body which was set up in 2009 to centralize state support for applied research and development. The Agency’s main role is to prepare and implement programmes for applied research, experimental development and innovation, thus helping to boost the Czech Republic’s competitiveness and support economic growth. One of the key benefits of the Agency’s work is the strengthening of ties between research institutions and the commercial sector. Charles University has been a recipient of TAČR funding for projects since 2010 when the Agency announced its first public competition as part of the ALFA programme. In the third competition, almost a third of the projects submitted by Charles University was approved for funding – twice the average success rate.

For more information see the website of TAČR: https://www.tacr.cz/en/homepage/

Centre français de recherche en sciences sociales (CEFRES)

The French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences (CEFRES) that resides in Prague is offering one-year scholarships of 10000 CZK per month for talented and excellent PhD students of their 2nd year and above studies. The support is provided within the programme CEFRES Platform PhD Fellowship to three students enrolled at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic or at the Charles University in Prague.

For more information see the website of CEFRES: http://www.cefres.cz/en/cefres-team/phd-students-at-cefres

Exchange Abroad Funding

All doctoral students can also take advantages of various financial support instruments provided for study/research/practical placement abroad.

Find out more information here.