Senior Fellows and PhD Supervisors

Senior Fellows and PhD Supervisors

Maria Alina Asavei

Asavei Maria Alina, Ph.D.


Research Interest: Arts & politics, cultural and memory studies, critical political theory, (post) communism, religious revitalization movements, (post)Holocaust, Roma communities in the Balkans and Central Europe

Adrian Brisku

Brisku Adrian, Doc., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Intellectual & Comparative History, Empire, European Identity & Transnational History of Contemporary Europe, Reform, Political (National) Economy, Ethno-political Conflicts, Modern Albanian, Georgian History, History of Modern Caucasus, Nineteenth-century Ottoman, Russian History, Czechoslovak history

Daniela Kolenovska

Kolenovská Daniela, Mgr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Modern Russian (Soviet) history, Belarusian exile, concepts of Russian history, Czechoslovakian-soviet relation, Russian politics of memory

Ota Konrád

Konrád Ota, doc. PhDr., Ph.D. 


Research Interest: History of the humanities, history of the foreign policy and history of WWI in central Europe, the cultural history of violence in Austria, the Czech lands, and South Tyrol in WWI and its aftermath, collective violence as a tool for reshaping national identities at the end of WWII in Czechoslovakia and Europe

Kateřina Králová

Králová Kateřina, doc.PhDr., Ph.D., M.A. 


Research Interest: Modern history of Europe with a regional focus on Greece, Central, East and Southeast Europe, WWII and (post)Holocaust studies, post-conflict reconstruction, reconciliation and memory, refugees and historical migration   

Jaroslav Kučera

Kučera Jaroslav, prof. PhDr., CSc.


Research Interest: Modern Czechoslovakian history, Czech-German relations

Rudolf Kučera

Kučera Rudolf, doc. Dr. phil., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Modern history of Central Europe, WWI, comparative and transnational history

Ondřej Matějka

Matějka Ondřej, PhDr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Role of Czech lands in the transnational processes in the 20th century, the social history of religions in Central Europe in the 19th and 20th century, the modern history of France, psychoanalysis and social sciences

Tomáš Nigrin

Nigrin Tomáš, doc. PhDr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: History of Germany after WWII, Berlin crisis, Willy Brandt, development of Germany after 1990, current politics of Germany and Austria, history of railways in Germany and Czechoslovakia

Vít Smetana

Smetana Vít, doc. PhDr., Ph.D. 


Research Interest: History of international relations and diplomacy during WWII and during the Cold war, Czechoslovakia and great powers in 1939-1945, British foreign policy in the 20th century, British-Czechoslovakian relations

František Šístek

Šístek František, M.A., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Collective identities in the Balkans, nationalism, images and stereotypes of the Balkans, intellectual history

Václav Šmidrkal

Šmidrkal Václav, PhDr., Ph.D.


Research Interest: Transnational contemporary history of Central Europe, a cultural history of violence, war veterans between politics and memory, armed forces, media, and society, post-communist transformation

Luboš Švec

Švec Luboš, doc. PhDr., CSc. 


Research Interest: Modern history of the Baltic countries, bilateral relations of Czech lands and Baltic countries, nation-building and state-building in East-Central Europe, cooperation and conflicts of central European exile during WWI, authoritarianism in East-Central Europe, perestroika

Jiří Vykoukal

Vykoukal Jiří, doc. PhDr., CSc.


Research Interest: Historiography, concepts of Central Europe, nationality issues, Poland in the Central European context, Central Europe and Russia, Central European development vis a vis energy issue