The French and British studies are informal territorial specializations of studies within both NMTS programs of the Department of European Studies - European Studies and West European Studies. They are intended for students who would like to focus on the problems of contemporary France / Britain - their political, social, economic and cultural development, history, relations to European integration and the wider world, including post-colonial ties. After fulfilling the requirements specified in the following section, these students will receive a Certificate of completion of the French / British specialization as a supplement to the diploma.

Given the informal nature of both fields, there is no need to indicate interest in them in the application form or to enroll in them formally.


To obtain a certificate of French / British specialization, a student must meet the following obligations:

1) Defend a master's thesis on a French (French) / British theme.

The eligibility of work (eg in the case of comparative studies where France / Britain is one of two or more countries under comparison) is decided by the leadership.

2) Earn at least 50 points awarded for passing courses in the French / UK focus, foreign stays, internships, publications and participation in other activities of the French / UK focus, etc. Points are awarded by the leading focus.

(a) completion of courses offered by the Department of European Studies as part of a French / British specialization, including those attended by visiting teachers; list of these subjects is published by KES on its website (allowance 1 ECTS = 1 point)

b) seminar work dealing primarily with France / Britain, written in the framework of other NMTS subjects (allowance 1-3 points, determine the leadership focusing on the scope and academic level of the work)

c) Completion of relevant courses during a stay abroad or in the Czech Republic outside IMS (based on the submission of a syllabus and possibly a seminar paper, maximum points awarded in the number of ECTS obtained)

d) study stay at the University of France / Britain (5 points for each semester + evaluation of courses completed under point c)

e) traineeship in France / Britain or in a relevant institution in the Czech Republic (maximum 5 points depending on the degree of attachment to the French / British focus)

f) participation in / cooperation in the organization of lectures, seminars and other meetings within the framework of the focus (1 point per meeting, in addition, the organization assistance is evaluated)

g) relevant publishing activity (max. 10 points)

h) involvement in KES research activities (max. 10 points)

The issuing of the certificate will be arranged by the head of the specialization at the request of the student. The application is submitted after the closure of the study and must be accompanied by an extract from the study system and other relevant documents such as thematic seminar work, certificate of completion of the internship, publication outputs, etc.

French specialization

KES offers the following subjects under the French specialization:

JMM683 Contemporary French Politics, Culture and Society (dr. Pauli Bauer) – ZS

JMM544 Moderní francouzská kultura (dr. Eliška Tomalová) – LS

Séminaire d´actualités (dr. Eliška Tomalová) - LS

Specialization students are cordially invited to the lectures organised by CEFRES (CU is member of the Cefresplatform) –

In LS 2018/2019 we are preparing a debating cycle of meetings on current issues in France.

The head of the French specialization is Eliška Tomalová, deputy Anna Lukešová.

British specialization

KES offers the following subjects under the British specialization:

JMM134 British Politics (prof. Lenka Rovná, LS)

JMM453 Moderní britské dějiny (prof. Lenka Rovná, LS)

JMMZ217 Current Debates in British Politics and on the Constitution (prof. Iain McLean a dr. Scot Peterson, ZS)

JMMZ269 From Messina to Brexit: UK-EU Relations past and present (dr. Alan Butt Philip, LS)

The series of occasional lectures and debates "Albion under the magnifying glass" will continue.

The head of the British specialization is Jan Váška, deputy Johana Kłusek.