COVID measures at IMS

COVID measures at IMS

Stage III. (red) of the IMS Semaphore is currently in effect!

For more information about the IMS semaphore, see here.

(updated 23.11. 2020)

This page will tell you all about the current measures introduced at IMS following the decrees of Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, and the applicable measures of the Ministry of Health. To make it easier for you, you should primarily follow our Institute rules which are in accordance with faculty and university rules.


23.11.2020 - as of November 23, 2020

  • Up to 6 people can meet
  • Curfew from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. is in place
    • the exception is travel to work, and the work itself
  • Day curfew from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. is in place
    • the exception is travel to work, the work itself, necessary travel to family members,  and to purchase necessities
    • the exception is stays in nature or in own recreational facilities
    • the exception is travel outside of the Czech Republic
  • A home-office is recommended in all institutions where possible
  • Mo - Sat - stores are open max til 11 p.m.
  • All stores are closed on Sundays

More information here:

18.11.2020 - as of November 18, 2020 - stores and service facilities must be closed Monday through Saturday between 9 p.m. and 4:59 p.m., then closed all day on Sundays and public holidays (both state and non-state). However, there are still a limited number of people who can enter the store at one time. That's why queues can form.

7.11.2020 -  The Government of the Czech Republic has published a new website where you can find all the information about the measures in effect. The website also has an English mutation -


24.10.2020 - The First UK Medical School offers testing for self-payers (students, staff and their family members). For more information, see this page in the Epidemiological Manual section.

6.10.2020 - please, check out the list of testing places in Prague and information from International Office

5.10.2020 - A 30-day state of emergency was declared. Please​​, check-out the new measures implemented by the Czech Government from October 5, 2020 -

Older News can be found here.

Epidemiological manual

Steps when infected, quarantined, having signs of infectious disease:

A COVID Crisis Unit has been set up at IMS, responsible for all measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic. These measures are based on the three-tiered IMS Semaphore and will be updated daily on this website.

The IMS Crisis Unit is responsible for all measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic. At the same time, the Crisis Unit acts as the main contact point to which students and staff can be directed on matters related to the epidemic.

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., both students and staff can contact us via the common phone number: +420 773 740 250.

Students will only contact (and receive information from) the Crisis Unit via an official "fsv" email address. At the same time, when they contact Crisis Unit, they include their phone number in the email. All information thus provided is considered highly sensitive and protected.

When to contact the Crisis Unit?

  • Disease: in the event of a positive test on COVID-19, a student, employee, or freelancer, in addition to the standard procedure given by sanitary measures, will promptly inform the relevant Crisis Unit contact and fully assist in tracing his/her at-risk contacts on IMS.
  • Quarantine: in the event of quarantine, the student, employee, or freelancer promptly informs the relevant contact at Crisis Unit.
  • Risk contact: a student, employee, or freelancer promptly informs the relevant Crisis Unit contact and has a COVID test performed in case of so-called risk contact. The following situations are considered as such:
    • a positively tested person in the common household
    • direct physical contact with a COVID positive person (e.g. a handshake)
    • contact within 2 meters for more than 15 minutes with a COVID positive person
  • Respiratory disease: in case of having signs of an infectious disease especially with respiratory symptoms (shortness of breath/feeling of difficulty breathing, fever, dry cough) the student, staff, or freelancer contacts their general practitioner while immediately informing the relevant Crisis Unit contact. It is strongly recommended that a person with infectious respiratory symptoms should avoid presence in the classroom or workplace!

In all the cases described above, the student also informs the teachers of the subjects he/she is attending and agrees with them on an individual course study plan for fulfilling his/her learning obligations. The employee or freelancer, in agreement with the IMS Director and Programme Guarantor, will tailor his teaching to the specific circumstances.

The full IMS epidemiology manual can be found here.

Coronavirus testing for students and employees of Charles University at 1. LF UK 

1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, in collaboration with the General Faculty Hospital is testing of students and employees of Charles University for the presence of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 using RT-qPCR technique. Sample collection will take place in the Sample collection room of the Department of Occupational Medicine, General Faculty Hospital, located Na Bojišti 1, Prague 2. Analysis of the samples will be carried out at the Institute of Immunology and Microbiology (75UK1LF), 1st Faculty of Medicine UK, and the results will be announced one day after the sample collection.

Price of testing:
Students and employees of First Faculty of Medicine                                                    600
Students, employees of Charles University and their family members                       1 000
Other private payers                                                                                                    1 700

Other information and registration for the testing is available on webpage of the Institute of Immunology and Microbiology.


IMS Semaphore

The development of the COVID-19 pandemic requires the adoption of protective measures at IMS aimed at protecting the health of staff and students and minimizing the impact of COVID on the running of the institute. For this reason, COVID's Crisis Unit has prepared an IMS Semaphore to guide the running of IMS effective September 9, 2020. The implementation of individual stages will be based on daily monitoring of the situation and general regulations given by the government of the Czech Republic and CSS Praha.

The IMS Semaphore is divided into three stages, responding to the spread rate of COVID-19 in Prague. Relevant teaching, administrative operation, and sanitation scenarios are defined within each stage. The Crisis Unit will modify the individual measures as the situation develops.

Complete information about each level can be found here.

Stage III. (red) of the IMS Semaphore is currently in effect!

  • Teaching is exclusively online.
  • The State Final Exams runs exclusively online.
  • Obligation to maintain a two-meter distance in common areas, including classrooms.
  • Wearing face masks in all IMS and FSV common areas.
  • Public events (debates, conferences) are prohibited.
  • Students do not have access to office space of Pekařská 10. Additional safety measures in Pekařská 10 are specified in special guidelines.
  • Consultations take place exclusively online.
  • For handing in and signing of students' documents, there is a mailbox at the reception on the ground floor of the Pekařská 10 building.
  • THP workers have an alternating mode.
  • Foreign private and business trips are governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rules, before returning to the workplace the employee must prove the negative test (not related to green countries at MFA traffic lights).

Decrees of director of IMS


Please​​, check out the new measures implemented by the Czech Government on the official website of the Czech Government -

Current regulations of the Prague County Sanitary Station to be found here (September 18, 2020).

Rules for entering Czech territory (22. 10. 2020)

Please check updates of measures applying for students coming to the Czech Republic from high-risk non-EEA countries (all except for Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Corea,  Singapore,Thailand, ) and high-risk EEA states (all except for Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Vatican) valid from November 20, 2020!

Please be aware that if the entering student was in the last 14 days longer than 12 hours in above-mentioned states, he/she is:

  • before the entry – to obliged to fill in electronic Public Health Passenger Locator Form available here, which serves as a high-risk country arrival announcement to a regional public health authority;
  • to submit a document confirming the above mentioned electronic form (announcement) at the border control or residence check;
  •  within five days of their entry into the territory of the Czech Republic – to undergo an RT-PCR test and submit the result to the regional public health authority (hygiene station)
    OR submit PCR PCR test result made in a EU+ country. Attention – the result must not be older than 72 hours. In that case, the test result needs to be submitted immediately on entry into the territory of the Czech Republic to a regional Public Health Office.

If a person shall not submit the result of the PCR test to the hygiene station until 7 days after his/her entry to the territory, a necessary quarantine measure shall be ordered. Until the PCR test result is submitted or for the duration of the necessary quarantine measure, there is a free movement ban* in the Czech territory + there is an obligation to wear respiratory protective equipment (facemasks). Until the first negative PCR test result is submitted, there is a ban on entering university buildings.

*A stricter free movement ban in the Czech territory means limitation of movement with the exception of journeys absolutely essential for obtaining basic needs, for ensuring child care, for ensuring animal care, for using necessary financial and postal services, refuelling, journeys to medical facilities and social services facilities, journeys for the purpose of handling of urgent official matters, journeys back to a place of residence, funerals, for a period of time until the PCR test result is submitted to a regional hygiene station according to a place of stay or for the duration of the necessary quarantine measure or for the duration of 14 days from the entry to the Czech territory.

Please note that the obligation of the second negative PCR test from the third high-risk countries was cancelled.

More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior.

Emergency measures

Current emergency measures valid from October 23, 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out that when travelling abroad, one must be informed in advance of the country’s entry conditions, restrictions, and preventive measures of visiting countries. Conditions for entry to individual countries are updated continuously on the website of the relevant representative offices of the Czech Republic, an overview of which can be found here.

For up-to-date information on the epidemiological situation and government measures, visit the Ministry of Health's website.

For up-to-date information on the epidemiological situation abroad and on the conditions of entry abroad, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

FSV UK released 14.9. 2020 summary measures in force on faculty grounds. These rules are fully in line with IMS rules, which are the primary source of information and guidance for IMS staff and students.


You can find frequently asked questions and answers here.