COVID measures at IMS

COVID measures at IMS

Stage III. (red) is currently in effect!

+ emergency measures

  • In P10 and P16 premises, there is an obligation to wear FFP2 respirators, including offices where more than one person is present
  • When entering P10, registration must be made at the entrance to the IMS premises
  • As of March 17, only a person with a negative test result of up to 7 days old is allowed to enter P10


For more information about the IMS semaphore, see here.

(updated 23.4.2021)

This page will tell you all about the current measures introduced at IMS following the decrees of Charles University and the applicable measures of the Ministry of Health. We ask that you primarily follow IMS rules that comply with faculty and university rules.


2.5.2021 - as of Monday 3.5.2021, IMS academics can register for COVID-19 vaccination. All details of the registration procedure were sent to these employees via email from the FSV secretary.

1.5.2021 - as of Monday 3.5.2021, the following measures are being changed:

- Return of children to schools in Prague - Second level of primary schools (and lower grades of multi-year gymnasia and 8-year conservatory) in a rotational system.
- Return of children to kindergartens in Prague.
- Restoring the organized amateur sport of children and young people in groups max. 20 people without respiratory protection with the obligation of providing the negative test.
- The reopening of hairdressers and body care services in mode 1  : 1 with a strict hyg. epidemic regimen, both of whom must have negative test result for SARS-CoV-2 (antigenic or PCR) and respiratory protection, excluding activities that compromise skin integrity.
- Reopening animal care facilities.
- Restoring outdoor markets (all ranges) with a strict hyg. epid. regime.
- Reopening galleries, museums, and monuments without group tours with only a strict hyg. epid. regime.

These measures are subsequently amended from Monday 10.5.2021 onwards

- Reopening stores with a strict hyg. epid regime.
- Return of children to schools throughout the whole republic - Second level students in the rotation system.


12.4.2021 - as of Monday 12.4.2021, the following measures are being changed:

- 1st-5th and 9th-grade children return to schools in rotation mode
- Movement between counties is again allowed without any restriction
- A maximum of 2 people can meet inside and outside
- Drinking alcohol in public is allowed
- There is still an obligation to wear respirators inside and outside
- Small businesses open up (children's clothing and footwear stores, stationery, dry cleaners, locksmiths)
- Libraries are opened respecting the provisions applicable to shops - the library in Jinonice remains in "pick-or-leave window" mode
- Farmers market can take place again
- Zoo's outdoor spaces are open again with limited overall capacity

22.3.2021 - The testing and self-testing rules for access to the IMS workplace have been modified. IMS staff received more detailed instructions in their mailboxes. The need for a negative test of less than 7-days-old remains valid.

Older News can be found here.

Epidemiological manual

Steps when infected, quarantined, having signs of infectious disease:

A COVID Crisis Unit has been set up at IMS, responsible for all measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic. These measures are based on the three-tiered IMS Semaphore and will be updated daily on this website.

The IMS Crisis Unit is responsible for all measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic. At the same time, the Crisis Unit acts as the main contact point to which students and staff can be directed on matters related to the epidemic.

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., both students and staff can contact us via the common phone number: +420 773 740 250.

Students will only contact (and receive information from) the Crisis Unit via an official "fsv" email address. At the same time, when they contact Crisis Unit, they include their phone number in the email. All information thus provided is considered highly sensitive and protected.

The full IMS epidemiology manual can be found here.

Covid testing for students and employees of Charles University here.

IMS Semaphore


The IMS Semaphore is divided into three stages, responding to the spread rate of COVID-19 in Prague. Relevant teaching, administrative operation, and sanitation scenarios are defined within each stage. The Crisis Unit will modify the individual measures as the situation develops.

Complete information about each level can be found here.

Stage III. (red) of the IMS Semaphore is currently in effect!

  • Teaching is exclusively online.
  • The State Final Exams runs exclusively online.
  • Obligation to maintain a two-meter distance in common areas, including classrooms.
  • Wearing face masks in all IMS and FSV common areas.
  • Public events (debates, conferences) are prohibited.
  • Students do not have access to office space of Pekařská 10. Additional safety measures in Pekařská 10 are specified in special guidelines. It is mandatory to wear face mask type FFP2 in Pekařská building.
  • Consultations take place exclusively online.
  • For handing in and signing of students' documents, there is a mailbox at the reception on the ground floor of the Pekařská 10 building.
  • THP workers have an alternating mode.
  • Foreign private and business trips are governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rules, before returning to the workplace the employee must prove the negative test (not related to green countries at MFA traffic lights).

+ due to the introduction of new stricter government regulations, Stage III. (red) was completed with the following points:

  • It is mandatory to wear FFP2 respirators at P16 and P10 premises
  • There should be no more than one person in each office at one time
  • There is a new obligation to wear a respirator in the office if there is more than one person (regardless of distance)
  • It is not permitted to gather in common areas
  • You can get a certificate for commuting to work from other districts from Mrs Krištofová
  • On arrival and departure, you must sign the attendance form at the entrance 

Decrees of director of IMS


For more information, please visit the official website of the following state institutions:

- Official government website for COVID-19 measures -

- Hygienic stations of the capital city of Prague - Koronavirus 20/10/20 ( (only in Czech)

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Important COVID-19 measures for foreigners | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (

- Ministry of Health - Update on COVID-19 -


Frequently asked questions and answers can be found here.