Health and Hygiene

What should I do if I contract the coronavirus?

Inform promptly the relevant Crisis Unit contact – study.ims@fsv.cuni.cz – and has a COVID test performed in case of so-called risk contact. The following situations are considered as such:

  • a positively tested person in the common household,
  • direct physical contact with a COVID positive person (e.g. a handshake),
  • Contact with a distance of less than 2 meters, where one of the parties does not have proper respiratory protection (only a disposable mask or a respirator are considered proper protection) (a cloth mask or a scarf are not considered proper protection).
    When properly protecting the respiratory tract, a contact at a distance of less than 2 meters is not considered risky.

When and where can I get a corona test?

We recommend testing directly at the Prague Airport of Václav Havel at Terminal 1 just after arriving in the Czech Republic. You can find all the needed information in this respect at the website of the Prague Airport. Protective measures at the airport can be consulted here

Concerning the second testing or in case you do not travel to Prague via plane, we recommend going to the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University that provides COVID tests to students at a lower price! Find all necessary information about testing at the Faculty of Medicine including how to make an appointment here.  

Free capacities and opening times of various testing places can be found here: https://covid.praha.eu/.

What if I feel signs of an infectious disease? 

In case of having signs of an infectious disease especially with respiratory symptoms (shortness of breath/feeling of difficulty breathing, fever, dry cough) you are supposed to contact your insurance company while immediately informing the relevant Crisis Unit contact – study.ims@fsv.cuni.cz. It is strongly recommended avoiding presence in a classroom or a university building!

You are also supposed to also inform the teachers of the subjects you are attending and agree with them on an individual course study plan for fulfilling your learning obligations.

What if my result of the COVID test is positive? 

In the event of a positive test on COVID-19, in addition to the quarantine, please promptly inform the relevant Crisis Unit contact (study.ims@fsv.cuni.cz) and fully assist in tracing your at-risk contacts on IMS.

You are also supposed to also inform the teachers of the subjects you are attending and agree with them on an individual course study plan for fulfilling your learning obligations.

The quarantine is 10 days long for students who undergo negative covid-19 testing on days 5-7 (or max. Until day 10) and are symptom free on day 10 (eventually day 11).

The quarantine is 14 days long if you do not undergo any testing and do not have symptoms.

If you have tested positive, the quarantine is 10 days from your positive test – or as long as you have symptoms if that is longer.

Work and Study

Am I allowed to go to the university building for my work or study? 

You are allowed to go to university if:

  • you do not have any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • you have your nose and mouth covered with a face shield, a face mask or a respirator. 
  • you keep 1,5m social distancing as much as possible.

Please note that for visits to the institutes (e.g. consultations), departments, the post room and the cash desk, priority should be given to contactless communication. Visits should only serve to address an urgent situation that cannot be otherwise resolved in a contactless way, and personal meetings need to be arranged in advance. Please note that if II. (yellow) or III. (red) stage of the semaphore is in place, students do not have access to Pekařská 10. 

Can I access the library?

For current information, check the website before visiting the library.

How can I follow courses in case I am in quarantine? 

All classes will be available in a hybrid or online version. 


Accommodation in the dormitories

Where can I find actual information about the situation in the dormitories?

Please check regularly the website of dormitories and refectories where all information is available. We recommend you following the website on a regular basis and not relying on e-mail communication with dormitories. From our experience, the communication of dormitories via e-mail in case of urgent issues is not thorough and students then receive information with the delay. 

What if I live in the dormitory and must have a quarantine?

All persons coming from abroad or persons who are accommodated in the dormitories, regardless of whether they have come into contact with an infected person or a person who has returned from affected areas abroad, and show symptoms of COVID-19, however slight they may be, must immediately announce this to the dormitory manager by telephone or at the following e-mail address: emergency.koleje@cuni.cz. The accommodated person packs only the most necessary personal items and waits for additional instructions for being transferred to quarantine. The accommodated person immediately contacts their general practitioner or a hygienic station at the extension 1212 or the phone number +420 773 782 856 or +420 773 782 850.
For more information see.

How can I do shopping once I am in quarantine/in a safe way? 

We recommend using services of online shopping either via Košík or Rohlík, both services deliver food and household goods. Moreover, Rohlík also delivers pharmacy goods. Besides, you can order meals via several applications operating in Prague: WoltDáme jídloBolt Food.