Epidemiologic manual

Epidemiologic manual

Steps when infected, quarantined, having signs of infectious disease

A COVID Crisis Unit team has been set up at IMS, responsible for all measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic. These measures are based on the three-tiered IMS Semaphore and will be updated daily on this website.

At the same time, the Crisis Unit acts as the main contact point to which students and staff can be directed on matters related to the epidemic.

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., both students and staff can contact us via the common phone number: +420 773 740 250.

Students will only contact (and receive information from) the Crisis Unit via an official "fsv" email address. At the same time, when they contact Crisis Unit, they include their phone number in the email. All information thus provided is considered highly sensitive and protected.

When to contact the Crisis Unit?

  • Disease: in the event of a positive test on COVID-19, a student, employee, or freelancer, in addition to the standard procedure given by sanitary measures, will promptly inform the relevant Crisis Unit contact and fully assist in tracing his/her at-risk contacts on IMS.
  • Quarantine: in the event of quarantine, the student, employee, or freelancer promptly informs the relevant contact at Crisis Unit.
  • Risk contact: a student, employee, or freelancer promptly informs the relevant Crisis Unit contact and has a COVID test performed in case of so-called risk contact. The following situations are considered as such:
    • a positively tested person in the common household
    • direct physical contact with a COVID positive person (e.g. a handshake)
    • Contact with a distance of less than 2 meters, where one of the parties does not have proper respiratory protection (only a disposable mask or a respirator are considered proper protection) (a cloth mask or a scarf are not considered proper protection).
      When properly protecting the respiratory tract, a contact at a distance of less than 2 meters is not considered risky
  • Respiratory disease: in case of having signs of an infectious disease especially with respiratory symptoms (shortness of breath/feeling of difficulty breathing, fever, dry cough) the student, staff, or freelancer contacts their general practitioner while immediately informing the relevant Crisis Unit contact. It is strongly recommended that a person with infectious respiratory symptoms should avoid presence in the classroom or workplace!

In all the cases described above, the student also informs the teachers of the subjects he/she is attending and agrees with them on an individual course study plan for fulfilling his/her learning obligations. The employee or freelancer, in agreement with the IMS Director and Programme Guarantor, will tailor his teaching to the specific circumstances.

Basic hygiene rules

As a precaution, the IMS has adopted the following sanitary measures to reduce the likelihood of contagion. The purpose of these measures is to prevent the entire study group/workplace from having to go into quarantine in the event of COVID-19. These rules are valid with regard to individual stages in the IMS Semaphore.

  • Use respiratory protective equipment to prevent droplets from spreading.
  • Be consistent with hand hygiene - always use disinfectant after coming into the building, before eating, or after contact with surfaces in shared areas.
  • Keep a two-metres distance from other people in common areas, especially in teaching areas at Pekařská 16.
  • Do not share objects or work aids with others.
  • Avoid accumulation of people in one place, especially in common areas of buildings, and avoid physical contact (e.g. handshakes).
  • Do not use air conditioning. Instead, communal spaces, especially teaching spaces, must be ventilated as much as possible!


Testing can be ordered by the Prague County Sanitary Station in case of quarantine measures. In the case of risk contact or respiratory illness, students and staff can get tested at the Institute of Immunology and Microbiology of the 1st Medical School: